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Vampire: The Masquerade

Posted by TheBigBadWolf on May/16/2008

Moonstone Books explorre the noir/goth White Wolf universe of Vampire the Masquerade. Hidden agends, political powerplays, secret trysts, and self preservation, are part of everyday existence.

Each quarterly issue has a self-contained story centered around a single Vampire clan.

The first book tells a unique story of fame and origins within the passionate Toreador clan. Never, ever, let the world know that vampires exist. Uncovering the "Masquerade" buys you nothing but a quick end.

The second installment looks at the watchers, the recorders, the Nosferatu clan. A beauty queen is showed the underside of humanity and is offered a gift. Beware of gifts from strangers, unwrapping them is sometimes like looking in a fun-house mirror.

The third issue takes a look inside the business-oriented Ventrue Clan. A tale of romance swiftly turns into dark suspicion. A startling blend of 'who's alive', 'who's dead' and 'who's simply psychotic'. Another book is about Brujah policeman, Theo Bell: "A Night in the Unlife of Theo Bell". Theo Bell has always followed orders. From his days as a slave to his nights as an Archon of Clan Brujah. This night Theo has been charged with finding information on an unknown thin-blood. Easy, huh? Things are never what they seem in the world of darkness.

Other stories include adventures of Beckett. We travel back and forth through time, as we watch his hunt of lost treasure take twists and turns. Another example of your past coming back to bite you. Giovanni: Starring the fan-favorite Madeleine Giovanni, right out of the pages of the White Wolf novels. Also books about Isabel and Lucita.


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