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  • LarryDwyer
    Pop quiz. What 80's Classic am I introducing my daughter to tonight? #horror #movies
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  • Christine_HNN
    RT @HorrorNews: First Set Photo Arrives From 'Ash vs Evil Dead' #horror @STARZ_Channel @GroovyBruce @RealLucyLawless
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  • Makasupa
    RT @CTHorrorFest: You know that Friday the 13th Part 2 was filmed in Kent,CT?Tickets on sale now!…
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    RT @HorrorNews: Horror Comic Pick of the Week: 4/22/2015 from @UndeadStephanie VAMPLETS #1 @ActionLab @davedwonch @Vamplets…
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  • BloodEBastard
    Tom Witsky didn't believe in ghosts, until he heard the #StirOfEchoes. -
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    1971's 'They Call It Murder' Coming To DVD On June 2nd @HorrorNews #horror
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