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Alex Michaud talks GoreGoyles


On June 10th 2009, 13 Publications will release the first issue of a brand new ongoing comic book series based on the independent horror anthology DVD series, GoreGoyles.

We spoke with 13 Publications publisher, Alex Michaud, about the book.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you give our readers a synopsis of GoreGoyles?

GoreGoyles comicAlex Michaud: It's an anthology in the tradition of the old DC and EC stuff but the stories are a little bit more mature and modern. We're trying to keep the pulp feeling to it but we are much loose loose when it comes to blood and guts and nudity. Each issue of GoreGoyles will have 3 different stories. Some stories will be serialized over many issues and some other will be self-contained. The common denominator between the story is that it relies on visual horror. It's a book for gore films lovers.

The Big Bad Wolf: The press release mentions that this was a DVD. Are the stories based after what happens on the DVD?

Alex Michaud: Not at all at this point. The DVDs were horror anthologies. Each story was self-contained. We may go back and translate some of the stories from the film to comic book at some point but all the stories in the first issue are 100% original. Basically, what we are doing is continuing the DVDs series in the comic book media. Hopefully, some people liked the DVDs and will pick up the comic book and vice-versa. There are 3 GoreGoyles DVDs available right now. All of them were released by Brain Damage Films between 2003 and 2007. Look it up on Amazon.

The Big Bad Wolf: In the press release, two characters are mentioned, Jack Stone, Professional Monster Killer and were-beast hitman, Black Sheep. Can you give us some information on each of those characters?

Alex Michaud: These are the main characters from the 2 serialized stories that we're starting with. JACK STONE is a mercenary hunter specialized in legendary monsters. He travels the world to kill monsters for money. It's kind of the ultimate monster/adventure character in my opinion. The possibilities are just endless. In the first story, we pit him against the BIGFOOT in Northern Canada but we plan on taking him to Mexico to take on the Cupachabra and to Eastern Europe to take on a bunch of vampires later on. It should be a good ride.

BLACK SHEEP is something quite different. It's a characters I created many years ago for a film project. He's a professional hit man who ends up cursed by his latest victim. He then becomes some kind of wild beast with a vicious and uncontrolable lust for blood. That pisses him off so he decides to start searching for a way to get rid of the curse and things get ugly... The first story of JACK STONE should wrap within 4 issues but BLACK SHEEP should be a little longer.

The Big Bad Wolf: What can we expect from this book in terms of blood and gore? GoreGoyles comic

Alex Michaud: Well, as I said, the common denominator between the stories is that it should all rely on visual and graphic horror to create an effect on the readers. That means there is quite a lot of blood in each issue. Also, the fact that we are selling it as a mature readers book allows us to go wild and put as much gore and sex as we want. As publisher, what I wanted to do was give total freedom to the writers and artists and push them to the limits.

The Big Bad Wolf: Is this an ongoing series?

Alex Michaud: It's an ongoing. We want to publish every six week or so.

The Big Bad Wolf: Is the book color or black and white?

Alex Michaud: It's black & white because it's just so damn beautiful. I always loved the work of a good penciller in black & white so when came time to decide if we'd color the book or not, I just went for it. A good example is the artwork of Tom Mandrake in the first issue. The guys is a freakin master of B&W. We told him right away that the book would be b&w so he created everything to but super clear and jump out of the pages. He did a wondeful job. Same goes for the other two artists. The book was designed and created for black and white so the artists adjusted their style and technique for that from the beginning.

The Big Bad Wolf: How many pages per issue?

Alex Michaud: We're starting with 32 pages but we may jump to 40 or 48 if it catches on. I'd like to publish it as some kind of cheap-priced horror digest at some point in the future but for now is a regular 32-pages comic book priced at the regular $2.99 (yes, only $2.99 and not 3.99 like the madmen at DC and Marvel).

The Big Bad Wolf: When is the release date?

Alex Michaud: Our street date for GOREGOYLES #1 is June 10th but the book is available right for pre-orders from our distributor; Haven Distributor. Ask for it right now at your local comic shop so they'll place the order for you. The book will also be available on our website of course at but it's much much easier to just tell your comic shop owner about it.

GoreGoyles comicThe Big Bad Wolf: Who's the creative team on the first issue?

Alex Michaud: We are extremely proud to have TOM MANDRAKE doing story and art for one of the stories in the first issue. The guy worked on Batman and The Punisher but most of you will remember is infamous run on The Spectre with John Ostrander. He is a goddamn legend in my book. His story is called Bloody Ground and it freakin rocks. It's about zombies in the middle of the Civil War. Tom also provides the cover. I wrote the 2 other stories myself. I'm new to comic books but I've been writing and directing films for 10 years now... JACK STONE is drawn by an incredible guy named Luis Guaragna while BLACK SHEEP was illustrated by a very talented young man called Sherman McClain. Sadly, Sherman passed away before the book could be published. That's part of the reason why we pursued this project for so many months. The book is dedicated to him.

The Big Bad Wolf: Where can our readers find out more about GoreGoyles?

Alex Michaud: They can visit our website at We're also in the process of creating a MySpace page for the comic book. That should be available very soon under the name 13 Publications. Check out People can also check out the GoreGoyles DVDs at Amazon or on NetFlix or, if they are lucky, at their local video store.

The Big Bad Wolf: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about GoreGoyles?

Alex Michaud: We have great plans for this series, so be sure to get your copy of the first issue and tell your local comic shop owner about us. Let's make this a success and we'll give you more for your bucks than anything the Big Two are giving you right now. Support independent horror on DVD and in comic books!

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, Alex! Good luck with GoreGoyles.

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Published on: 2009-04-01 (2722 reads)

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