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Fred Van Lente talks MARVEL ZOMBIES 4


Released this past Wednesday from Marvel Comics, was the much anticipated Marvel Zombies 4 #1.

We spoke with writer, Fred Van Lente, about the first issue of Marvel Zombies 4: Midnight Sons, and what to expect in issue #2.

The Big Bad Wolf: So we finally saw who helped Zombie Deadpool escape and it was none other than Simon Garth. Will we see more of Simon in this series or was that his one shining moment?

Marvel Zombies 4Fred Van Lente: Z-Pool (as we've dubbed Zombie Deadpool's Head so we won't spend the rest of our natural lives typing out "Zombie Deadpool's Head") and Simon's arc is one of the major storylines of the series. It seemed only natural to give some undead love to Marvel's "First Zombie."

The Big Bad Wolf: You seem to thoroughly enjoy writing the Zombie Deadpool character. Can you talk a bit about that?

Fred Van Lente: I do enjoy it, particularly in the right context; his Bugs Bunny-esque attitude is a great contrast to the grim, gory goings-on in the MARVEL ZOMBIES franchise. Originally, I had just planned to leave Zombie Deadpool decapitated at the end of Marvel Zombies 3 #1. But he got such a considerable fan reaction on-line once we got the green-light to do the sequel I had to bring him back.

Z-Pool fans should also be getting some additional good news very, very soon... .

The Big Bad Wolf: Holy crap! The Black Talon! Talk about a blast from the past. Do you have a soft spot for this character?

Fred Van Lente: I do, I am a big "Brother Voodoo" fan -- one of, say, eight in existence -- and he started out as a BV villain. Also, I loved Steve Englehart and Richard Howell's completely insane "Vision and Scarlet Witch" maxi-series from the 1980's, and he was a big part of that.

The Big Bad Wolf: Since Black Talon is around, does that mean that we can see Brother Voodoo in this series?

Fred Van Lente: I wish! No, Black Talon will be responsible for all the hoodoo in this mini.

The Big Bad Wolf: The team of Morbius, Werewolf by Night, Hellstorm and Jennifer Kale seem to pack quite a punch. What can we expect in future issues from these guys as far as team cohesiveness?Marvel zombies morbius

Fred Van Lente: Unfortunately, certain sinister forces, natural and supernatural, will be endeavoring to split them apart... Will they succeed?!? Read on and see...

The Big Bad Wolf: You mentioned elsewhere that, one of the coolest teams ever, The Night Shift, will make an appearance in this series. Is this going to be a new team Hood puts together of his existing rank (Scarecrow, Mister Hyde, Vermin) or will he piece together the old team since The Brothers Grimm are already there?

Fred Van Lente: Sorry, Rob, that would be telling. ;)

But rest assured all is revealed in #2.

The Big Bad Wolf: Speaking of The Brothers Grimm, I always felt that there was so much potential there for those characters, almost in a Tomax and Xamot (of GI Joe fame) type of way. Are you going to attempt to retool them a bit to bring them more to the forefront?

Fred Van Lente: I agree, I do think there is a lot of potential to the Brothers Grimm, particularly in a horror context. Whether or not we get to that here in MZ4, however, is another question.

The Big Bad Wolf: Will we see The Hood really let loose in this series since his powers come from Dormammu?

Fred Van Lente: Mmmmmaybe...

The Big Bad Wolf: Although he was on the cover, we didn’t see Man-Thing in issue 1. Can we expect to see him in issue #2?

Marvel zombies comicFred Van Lente: You will see Manny soon.

The Big Bad Wolf: When is the second issue due out?

Fred Van Lente: Looks like May 6 to me.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you give us a spoiler of something that will happen in the second issue?

Fred Van Lente: The biggest threat to humanity may not be the zombies itself, but something our heroes are carrying around with them...

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, Fred! Looking forward to Marvel Zombies issue 2!

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Published on: 2009-04-11 (3811 reads)

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