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Hutchinson and Zornow talk HALLOWEEN


You can't kill the Boogeyman.

Michael Myers returns soon for the finale of Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode.

We spoke to the Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode creative team, Stefan Hutchinson and Jeff Zornow.

The Big Bad Wolf: What is it like to finally be back to work on this series?

Halloween comicStefan Hutchinson: It's a relief. I think it would have been really uncool if our readers who had shelled out for the first two episodes didn't get the ending! It's also a story I'm proud of, so I'm glad to get it out there! My actually work on this was wrapped way back in August last year, so it's great that now I'll get to see it brought to life by Jeff's amazing artwork!

Jeff Zornow: Definitely a big relief! I've had a need to not only finish this book, but try to out-do the first two issues art -wise. When I got started on FDOLS#1 I think I had 3 weeks to get the whole issue in pencils and inks,( and for those who don't know I do ink my own work even tho it may be quicker ( and also becoming more standard) to just pencil and let the colorist take over after that.) Therefore I have always felt that issue#1 looks rushed. I had a little MORE time for issue#2 but not much. I remember the DAY I finished #2 I literally left the house and jumped into a car with the Cadence comic art crew to drive to Baltimore comic -con, like 5 minutes after I uploaded the pages to DDP. Anyway Issue #3 looks great compared to the first 2. I intend to keep it that way.

The Big Bad Wolf: Is this still a three issue series?

Stefan Hutchinson: Yes, the next chapter is the finale!

Jeff Zornow: This was always just a 3 issue mini. Tho (personally) I have felt it COULD be four,( not necessarily that it should be four, but if I was given an issue to play with the art and make stuff bigger. But thats just the artist in me talking, EVERYTHING can be drawn out, and made bigger. hahaha.

The Big Bad Wolf: Stefan, since there was such a long layoff between issues, did you ever consider changing any of the script?

Stefan Hutchinson: Nope. I had done my final draft quite a while back (and it's a very specific ending), so it didn't need any more work there.

The Big Bad Wolf: Jeff, many Halloween fans learned the good news of the series return by the cryptic images that you posted of "The Shape Stalks again". How did you come up with the idea for that?

Jeff Zornow: I wanted to do something that was iconic, referring to the fact that " you cant stop the shape, you can't kill Michael Myers". So I thought the series of images ( essentially Myers rising up like at the end of the first movie, and stalking the viewer) would get the fans on the Halloween comics board in a frenzy. And as soon as I posted it, it seemed to work. Literally hours later John Klyza from came to me and wanted to post it as a news article. SO then I brought it to you.

The Big Bad Wolf: Jeff, since there was such a long layoff between issues, did you find that it took some time to get the character down pat again?

Jeff Zornow: I thought it might, but no, that actually didnt happen. As of this writing I have like one and a half pages finished, I'm quite happy with how they are turning out as is the rest of the team. One lucky part of all of this is the fact that I had already laid out the book completely, back in October 08. Tho I have found myself looking at my layouts and making some minor adjustments already. For example I turned a 2 -shot into a close up. ( the 2 characters are clearly established together in previous panels on the page, but now I feel a close up in this particular panel makes the moment stronger). So I guess as I go through more pages, some minor adjustments may happen. it HAS been a long time between issues, and I wanna make sure the fans who have been awaiting this book for so long get what they deserve!

The Big Bad Wolf: When are the third issue due out?

Stefan Hutchinson: The third and final issue will be out very soon. Jeff's working on the second batch of pages right now.

Jeff Zornow: This summer. All I know is we all want the trade out in time for the Rob Zombie Halloween sequel. H2 wich will be the end of August.

The Big Bad Wolf: Will the release of the TPB be far behind?

Stefan Hutchinson: I should think it will be fairly soon. We have the extra feature - The Diary of Judith Myers ready for that. Gregg Mitchell has written this (my contributions to it are the extracts already shown in 'The First Death of Laurie Strode').

Jeff Zornow: If its anything like NIGHTDANCE the trade will be out like a week later hahah!

The Big Bad Wolf: Stefan, next up was supposed to be Halloween the Mark of Thorn. Will we see that?

Stefan Hutchinson: Good question, and I honestly don't know. Thet outlines are ready to go, but artists haven't been hired etc. I hope so though, because we have a huge tale to tell. The books have been doing really well, so it's very frustrating that we're hindered by other factors!Michael Myers killer

The Big Bad Wolf: What would you guys like to say to our visitors about the rest of the Halloween The First Death of Laurie Strode series?

Stefan Hutchinson: The ending isn't what you'd expect from a Halloween story. It's pretty different, but also something that we're really happy with!

Jeff Zornow: This book is not only one of the best licensed /movie adaptations, its really one of the best horror titles on the racks. Besides being a Halloween fan myself, I really wanted to be involved with this series,after I saw what was done with NIGHTDANCE, because I knew it would be GOOD.

I mean SOLID GOOD, you dont HAVE to be a huge Halloween fan to understand the story and get completely creeped out by it. It is easy to get into the main characters as well. Stef has done a good job with the teenagers in the story. I like drawing the teenage-stuff, wether its a crowded school hallway, or a party scene, I seem to do it all the time in the books I illustrate. (btw, the costume party scene in issue#2 was one of my all-time favorite sequences to illustrate professionally !)

If you like scary horror comics, you'll want to check this series out. And if you are a Halloween fan you'll REALLY want to check this out.

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, guys! Best of luck with the Halloween comic!

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Published on: 2009-04-29 (4443 reads)

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