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Angel Fuentes talks GUNBREED


Described as Unforgiven meets Dawn of the Dead, Gunbreed is a new comic from Razor Blade Apple Studios.

We spoke with writer, Angel Fuentes about the comic.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you give our readers a synopsis of Gunbreed?

Gunbreed comicAngel Fuentes: Gunbreed is a supernatural western about a Sheriff William “Powder” Cain, a man who witnesses the death of his son at the hands of the Black Cloud gang. One of the members of this gang practices black magic and puts on a curse that kills the Sheriff and his entire town. Needless to say, Powder Cain comes back from the dead to get his revenge.

The Big Bad Wolf: Who are the main characters?

Angel Fuentes: Powder Cain is the focus of the story. He is a lawman, dedicated to protecting his town and his son.

Billy is Powder Cain’s son. He’s a very naïve, but brave young man who would do anything to make his father proud.

And then, of course are the bad guys, namely the Black Cloud gang ruled by Henry “Black Cloud” Stevens and his girlfriend Kristie.

Samuel is the black magician, and the real threat within the gang.

The Big Bad Wolf: How did you come up with the idea for this character, Sheriff William "Powder" Cain, what other characters/movies influenced his creation, etc?

Angel Fuentes: I first came up with Powder Cain in 1999. Back then, the character was more talkative, very John Wayne. I used a lot of narrative in the stories. I published a few comics with that version of the character. Then Alberto Cortes, the artist, and I, decided to go for a darker tone for the book. So I took out the narratives and played more with silent moments and face expressions. Now we have Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven with a touch of Dawn of the Dead. This is a new and darker beginning for Gunbreed.

The Big Bad Wolf: Is this an ongoing, or mini series?

Angel Fuentes: Gunbreed: Ghost Town Resurrected is actually a self contained one-shot comic. It leaves a few threads hanging for other possible miniseries or series if the demand is there, but you get a complete story from beginning to end with this one.

The Big Bad Wolf: Who is going to be publishing this book, and where can our readers get a copy?

Angel Fuentes: Razor Blade Apple Studios is publishing it. Starting the last week of June, you should be able to buy it online through our website and Indy Planet. There’s a preview comic that we’ll be debuting at the Puerto Rico ComiCon on May 2 and 3 (yes, it’s on Free Comic Book Day, Woohoo!)

The Big Bad Wolf: When is the release date? Gunbreed comic

Angel Fuentes: It comes out June 29, 2009!

The Big Bad Wolf: How much is the book?

Angel Fuentes: The book is $3.99. 24 pages, no ads! (Except maybe one on the inside back cover, but hey, who’s counting, right?)

The Big Bad Wolf: Who’s the creative team on the book?

Angel Fuentes: I (Angel Fuentes) am the writer. Alberto Cortes (ac_osorio) is the illustrator, and this is Alberto’s best work so far. Every page he turned in blew my mind away. We also have Carlos M. Mangual on letters.

The Big Bad Wolf: Will we see more of this Gunbreed in the future?

Angel Fuentes: You can see more of Gunbreed right now! The short story "Night of the Breaker Boys", included in issue number one of our anthology book RBA Presents, is now available for sale through our website. There’s also the possibility of doing other short stories, one-shots, or miniseries.

The Big Bad Wolf: Where can our readers find out more about Gunbreed?

Angel Fuentes: Readers are always welcomed to visit for more information on Gunbreed and our other projects. We are also planning on creating for more of the world of Gunbreed. Stay tuned for that!

The Big Bad Wolf: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about Gunbreed?

Angel Fuentes: Gunbreed is an awesomely drawn comic with lots of violence, blood and human limbs flying around. Fun for the whole family, folks! And don’t forget to visit our website to check out all of our comics!

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, Angel! Best of luck with GUNBREED!

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Published on: 2009-04-29 (2146 reads)

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