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Jim Salicrup gives a TALES FROM THE CRYPT update


Jim Salicrup resurrected a sacred book to comic fans. We caught up with him to speak about TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

Dan Royer: Two years in how is the book going?

Tales from the crypt comicJim Salicrup: Creatively, it's been a dream come true! We've worked with such amazing writers as Joe R. Lansdale, John L. Lansdale, Fred Van Lente, Rob Vollmar, Neil Kleid, Stefan Petrucha, Don McGregor, and others, and incredible artists such as Kyle Baker, Steve Mannion, Mr. Exes, James Romberger, Miran Kim, Christian Zanier, Rick Parker, and many more! We got an amazing amount of attention with our Sarah Palin meets the GhouLunatics comicbook cover -- it was picked up all over the Internet, as well as many major newspapers, and even TIME magazine -- which helped get the word out that TALES FROM THE CRYPT is back! Overall, we learned that we need to sharpen our focus and present ourselves more clearly to our younger audience that may not be aware of exactly what TALES FROM THE CRYPT is all about. Presenting satirical horror tales such as "Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid" very clearly on an upcoming cover has already garnered a great response.

Dan Royer: Are you getting good feedback and do you notice a new audience being brought into the Tales From the Crypt world?

Jim Salicrup: Both! At first we heard from a lot of unhappy sixty year-olds that were not excited with what we were doing, but many of those have come around, judging by the many kind letters we keep getting. TALES FROM THE CRYPT appeals to a wide age range and we hear feedback from all ages. Boys, girls, men, women, they all love TALES FROM THE CRYPT. Even though most stores shelve us in their kids section, we're hoping that older readers will track us down -- just like they turned Harry Potter into a best-selling series read by everyone. That would be the greatest!

Dan Royer: Are there any plans for the horror big shots to do some guest work on this book like Eric Powell or Steve Niles, etc?

Jim Salicrup: We hope to announce some major names in the future.

Dan Royer: Last time you talked to you said that you wanted Tales from the Crypt to appeal to all ages. Do you plan to keep it that way or take it to a more gruesome level at some point (possibly a special)?

Jim Salicrup: We've flirted with becoming a bit more gruesome and decided that's not the way we want to go. Ultimately, we're almost a combination of the original TALES FROM THE CRYPT comics, with a touch of the original MAD comicbooks. We enjoy giving our sick and twisted take on what's going on in the world today. So we've had suicide bombers, insane reality TV shows, virtual reality, and so much more as the basis for stories, as well as good ol' zombies, vampires, and bug-eyed monsters. Pail Tales from the crypt

Dan Royer: Last time we asked if you felt pressure to carry on TFTC, do you feel you have lived up to the standard so far?

Jim Salicrup: As good as what we've done so far may be, we're not there yet! We get flashes of brilliance -- quite often we'll hear that someone thought one of Steve Mannion's comicbook covers for us was a reprint of an EC CRYPT cover, for example. When we hear that, we're really delighted. TALES FROM THE CRYPT was only the greatest horror comicbook of all time, so we've got some monstrously humongous shoes to fill!

Dan Royer: So two years in, what can we expect now to come from Tales from the Crypt?

Jim Salicrup: More than anything else we would love to truly surprise and shock you! To deliver fresh takes by today's best writers and artists, that deliver thrills and chills with style and wit. When we produce a TALES FROM THE CRYPT book that's so incredible, that you can't even believe how good it is -- then we're doing what we set out to accomplish!

Dan Royer: Thank you for your time Jim. Good luck with the Tales from the Crypt comic.

Talk about the TALES FROM THE CRYPT Interview.

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Published on: 2009-05-27 (2122 reads)

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