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William Harms talks IMPALER comic

Vampires, Military, Nukes, Religious fanatics and more!

If you are not picking up Impaler you are missing out on one of the best comics today.

NYC has been nuked, vampires have overrun the northeastern states and their legions are beginning to move west.

We spoke with writer, William Harms, about what to expect next from Impaler.

The Big Bad Wolf: Vampires have slaughtered or turned everything in their path throughout the East Coast cities of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. As they head to the west, can we expect more of the same?

Impaler comicWilliam Harms: Oh, most definitely. There's been a lot of talk over the past few years of the "zombie apocalypse" and following that line of thinking, Impaler is the "vampire apocalypse". Things are going to get much, much worse over the course of the story and Matt and I are going to show every glorious second of it.

The Big Bad Wolf: The situation seems to be getting worse for the humans as a vampire leader arrives, Mircea, who is actually Vlad’s brother. What can we expect from Mircea?

William Harms: Mircea wants Vlad dead. That's the long and short of it. When Vlad originally imprisoned the great beast, he was only able to do so because of Mircea -- Vlad literally trapped the beast in Mircea's body. (Against Mircea's wishes of course.) So Mircea has spent the last four, five hundred years trapped with the beast inside of him. And Mircea was "aware" the entire time.

Needless to say, now that he's free, Mircea is not a happy camper.

The Big Bad Wolf: Does Mircea have the same type of powers as the regular vampires?

William Harms: He has those powers and more. He's an extreme bad-ass.

The Big Bad Wolf:
Victor Dailey was dying due to severe radiation poisoning when NY got nuked. Luckily for Dailey, he is healed when Vlad forces him to drink his blood. What changes if any can we expect to see in Dailey?

William Harms: This is covered in issue four, so I don't want to spoil too much. I will say that Victor is no longer entirely "human".

The Big Bad Wolf: Lt. George Wagner has been on the front line of these vicious vampire battles. So far, he has survived, with some wits and flat out luck. Will we continue to see more of what makes him a great soldier?

William Harms: Wagner and his men make up one leg of the tripod that the story rests on. (The other two being Vlad/Victor and Wagner's wife.) One of the things I love about writing Impaler is dreaming up how the military would respond if this was real. I think they'd try conventional means at first, but fairly quickly they'd realize that the only way humanity is going to survive is if the nukes start falling. Wagner represents our window into that world.

The Big Bad Wolf: Wagner’s family is headed west away from the vampire hordes. In issue three, they were stuck in a very uncomfortable religion situation. The crazed waitress was written perfectly. Have you ever encountered that crazed person in real life?Impaler vampire

William Harms: More times than I care to remember. I attended the University of Nebraska in the early 90s, and people in the vein of Fred Phelps would come to campus a couple of times a semester and stand outside of the union and rant and rave about how God hates gays, Catholics, fraternity parties, you name it. To them, college is an endless, drunken orgy of sin and debauchery. Whenever I put a character like that in a story and someone says it's unrealistic or a stereotype, I just point them toward Fred. I don't need to make that stuff up.

The Big Bad Wolf: Will we continue to see Wagner’s family play a big role in this book?

William Harms: One of the things I wanted to do with Wagner's family is show the human face of what's happening. Let's say you're sitting at home and suddenly the news comes on with a bulletin that says vampires are overrunning the eastern part of the country. How would you react? How would the people around you react?

The Big Bad Wolf: Is the schedule for Impaler still two months on, one month off, two months on, etc?

William Harms: Right now, we're putting out an issue about every six to seven weeks. We'll probably stick to that schedule for the rest of this arc. Matt does all of the art himself, so it takes him a bit longer than other artists.

The Big Bad Wolf: To say Matt Timson’s art sets the mood is an understatement. What has impressed you the most with his art so far?

William Harms: Nobody draws gore like Timson. No one. (And the vampires truly look like creatures straight from hell.) But it's the way he captures the "human" parts of the story that really impresses me. Drawing monsters is fun; drawing a stressed out mom with kids isn't. But in a story like this, you've got to be able to do both, and he does.

The Big Bad Wolf: Three issues in, what has the collaboration process been like between you two?

William Harms: It's been great. Sometimes we butt heads over things like the design of a cover, but that's going to happen anytime creative people get together. I think it's a healthy thing, actually. Everyone needs to be fully invested in what they're doing. I'd work with Matt again in a second.

The Big Bad Wolf: Finally, what would you like to say to our readers that may have not yet picked up Impaler?

William Harms: This sounds a little clichéd, but it's true -- Impaler isn't a monstrous event book that has the benefit of large built-in audience. We're two guys busting our asses month after month, fighting for every new reader. So if you like great comics, please check out Impaler. You won't be disappointed.

Impaler comic Impaler comic

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, William. Keep up the fantastic work on Impaler.

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Published on: 2009-06-09 (3182 reads)

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