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Tracker Werewolf comic interview with Jonathan Lincoln


The first property from Top Cow and Heroes & Villains Entertainment is here!

Alex O’Roark, the FBI’s top tracker, has his perfect life ripped to shreds when a case to capture the world’s most dangerous serial killer leads him straight into the maw of a werewolf. Now, keeping his secret from his gorgeous fiancé and the FBI, he must hunt down the wolf that infected him before the disease turns him into a monster.

We spoke with writer, Jonathan Lincoln, about TRACKER.

The Big Bad Wolf: What inspired Tracker?

Jonathan Lincoln: My father raised me on old monster movies. Even at a young age, I was most attracted to “The Wolf Man.” Unlike all the other classic monsters, werewolves held on to their humanity . . . and that’s where the drama came from. Dracula doesn’t wake up from a bloodsucking binge and feel regret. Frankenstein’s monster doesn’t have a day job to maintain. Only werewolves force us to consider what we would do if suddenly our lives were ripped to shreds by some vicious curse.

That said, I’ve often been frustrated by the lore behind werewolves. There are too many superstitions bogging down the essential story. Silver bullets, full moons, pentacles on the palm . . . what do those have to do with anything? “Tracker” came out of that frustration. It was a chance to tell a werewolf story in a more real-life setting. I don’t want to write monsters. I want to write real people doing monstrous things.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you give us a little more information on the main character, Alex O’Roark?

Jonathan Lincoln: Alex is an agent at the FBI whose specialty is tracking. If someone’s gone missing—be it a fugitive or lost backpacker—he’s the one you call. Alex grew up in a rough home with an abusive father, but somehow managed to rise above it all and become a model citizen. He’s honest, brave, and loyal to a fault. Of course, all this changes when he gets attacked by a werewolf . . . now he’s forced to balance that boy scout persona with something much darker and more violent.

The Big Bad Wolf: Will the werewolves in this book be the classic “Wolf-Man” version or the more vicious “Howling” type werewolves?

Jonathan Lincoln: You’ll find both kinds in this comic. The werewolves in “Tracker” are each unique individuals, whose transformed state is a reflection of who they are as a person. If you are a timid geek, you will probably make a timid werewolf—only dangerous when provoked. On the other hand, if you are a violent psycho to start with, you’re going to turn into something a lot scarier. Our main villain is a serial killer who goes by the name of “Herod,” and there’s nothing timid about him. He’s a cold-blooded sociopath who relishes in every kill—think Hannibal Lecter with fangs.

As far as the look of werewolves, they’re a lot different than traditional depictions. I have no interest in scenes where bystanders stand around screaming, “I swear, it was some kinda animal!” For that reason, the werewolves of “Tracker” are subtler in their transformation, and can blend into the scenery. One could be riding next to you on the subway at night, or following you down a dark alley—by the time you recognize they’re not human, it’s too late.

The Big Bad Wolf: What can we expect from this book in terms of blood and gore?

Jonathan Lincoln: I wouldn’t go so far as to call it gory. “Tracker” is more of a thriller, with Alex moving through crime scenes after they’re happened. That means most of the really gristly stuff happens before we get there (a la “Se7en”). However, in the interest of realism, I can’t help but spill a few gallons of blood here and there.

The Big Bad Wolf: Who is the rest of the creative team involved in this book?

Jonathan Lincoln: There have been so many great brains on this project. The founders of Heroes and Villains Entertainment (Dick Hillenbrand, Markus Goerg, and Mikhail Nayfeld) first took this material on and helped me to broaden the scope way beyond a simple whodunit. Top Cowboys Matt Hawkins and Filip Sablik have worked like hell to make sure every issue works not just as a story, but as a comic. Plus we’ve also got great people like Philip Smith on design and the amazing Troy Peteri doing letters. And then there’s Francis Tsai, the man behind every panel.

The Big Bad Wolf: What has impressed you the most with Francis Tsai’s artwork?

Jonathan Lincoln: Francis has an amazing gift in creating a sense of place. In every scene, he makes sure that the setting is as real and detailed as any main character. He has a great way of making even impossible things (like werewolves) look plausible and everyday . . . I love it.

The Big Bad Wolf: When is the release date and how much is Tracker?

Jonathan Lincoln: The first issue of “Tracker” will appear this November and will cost $2.99. For those of you who participated in the "cash for clunkers" program, I recommend you use every penny to buy issues (it should get you about 1,500 copies).

The Big Bad Wolf: Where can our readers find out more about Tracker?

Jonathan Lincoln: There’s a “promo trailer” of available on the Heroes and Villains website ( as well as updates at Top Cow ( . . . and, of course, we’ll be leaking all sorts of secrets to!

The Big Bad Wolf: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about Tracker?

Jonathan Lincoln: If you love werewolves, check this book out. If you hate werewolves, check this book out. If you are a werewolf . . . you have bigger things to worry about.

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, Jonathan! Best of luck with TRACKER!

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Published on: 2009-09-15 (5027 reads)

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