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LaMorte Sisters Interview with Tony Trov and Johnny Zito


While on a family trip, Maddie and her parents were savagely attacked by a crazed man. Though her parents were not so lucky, Maddie survived due to the intervention of a silent savior who slew her assailant. Dazed and confused, Maddie finds herself on a bus to the LaMorte Home for Lost Girls is a special place that helps wayward young ladies deal with their peculiar condition. Under the watchful eye of these LaMorte Sisters, Maddie will discover the mysteries that lie beneath her imposed, new home.

We spoke with writers, Tony Trov and Johnny Zito, about the web comic, LaMorte Sisters.

The Big Bad Wolf: How did you guys come up with the concept for the vampire web comic, LaMorte Sisters?

LaMorte Sisters comicTony Trov: LaMorte Sisters is the story of Maddie, the new girl at the vampire orphanage run by strict catholic nuns. We were trying to find a cool way to talk about some universal stuff.

Johnny Zito: This is a very personal story for us. It's about south Philly, fienemies and growing up fast.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you tell us about the main character, Maddie?

Johnny Zito: Maddie is a fish out of water here. Not only is she all alone for the first time in her life but she's always been well off. This is a culture shock for her and she's looking for a new 'normal'.

Tony Trov: She meets Caitlin the bad ass vampire girl at LaMorte's Home for Lost Girls. They raise some hell and get in some trouble. Maddie is just trying to fit in.

The Big Bad Wolf: Since being bit, does Maddie go through any transformations or gain any powers?

Tony Trov: All vampires' powers come from feeding on humans. The Nuns at LaMorte practice abstinence from blood.

Johnny Zito: But when a vamp is hopped up on red blood cells they become unnatural gods of death with all sorts of crazy powers we hope to explore.

Tony Trov: The catch 22 is the more a vamp feeds the more derranged they become. LaMorte Sisters web comic

Johnny Zito: The blood lust consuming their minds and drives a vampire insane.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you fill us in on the supporting cast of the web comic?

Johnny Zito: We mentioned Caitlin. There's Vic, Maddie's roommate and Juliet, the youngest vamp at school.

Tony Trov: Mother Michael Maureen, the head mistress, is pretty intense. She's in charge of all these warrior nuns and the ordained vampire slayer, Brother Grimm.

The Big Bad Wolf: Since this is a vampire comic, what can we expect in terms of blood and gore?

Johnny Zito: There are guts a plenty. But LaMorte Sisters is a more suspensful build to the action than Black Cherry Bombshells.

Tony Trov: We're dealing with a younger cast too. When we see the blood and gore it's going to really count for something.

The Big Bad Wolf: Did you learn anything from your initial Zuda Entry, Black Cherry Bombshells, that you are using on LaMorte Sisters?

Tony Trov: Having Black Cherry Bombshells at Zuda was like comic book boot camp. We learned a lot working with Ron (@Perazza) and Kwanza (@Kwanzer).

LaMorte SistersThe Big Bad Wolf: Who is the rest of the creative team on the book?

Johnny Zito: Art is provided by Christine Larsen, professor of sequential art and fellow Philadelphian.

The Big Bad Wolf: What has impressed you the most with Christine Larsenís artwork?

Tony Trov: Her line work and colors are gorgeous. The story telling is cinematic. Everyone should check out her work on Teddy Scares for APE.

The Big Bad Wolf: Where can our readers learn more about LaMorte Sisters?

Johnny Zito: LaMorte Sisters updates every friday at

Tony Trov: Check us out on twitter where we share stuff were working on all the time: @JohnnyZito and @TonyTrov

The Big Bad Wolf: In closing, what would you like to say about LaMorte Sisters?

Tony Trov: It makes you a better person for reading it.

Johnny Zito: More attractive, too!

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, Mark! Best of luck with this web comic.

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Published on: 2009-11-02 (3925 reads)

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