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Victor Gischler talks DEATH OF DRACULA and X-MEN


Big things are about to happen in the Marvel Universe involving vampires.

We caught up with writer, Victor Gischler, to talk about the Death of Dracula as well as X-Men vs. Vampires.

The Big Bad Wolf: Do you consider yourself a fan of horror comics?

Victor Gischler: Honestly, I just havenít had a chance to read that many. In theory it seems like something Iíd enjoy, but itís a full time job keeping up with the Marvel Universe so that takes up most of my reading time. I used to be a huge MAN-THING fan which had a nice monster vibe, but that might be as close as Iíve gotten to horror comic, and I have a trade of WALKING DEAD waiting on my night stand that Iím trying to find time to read. Iím always open to suggestions.

X-Men vampiresThe Big Bad Wolf: In the marvel Universe vampires and supernatural characters have almost been treated as if they were second-class citizens. The characters never seem to get the respect they deserve and are often used as nothing more than fodder. Can you tell our readers what you hope to change about that with Death of Dracula and the X-Men story arc?

Victor Gischler: Well, I canít give too much away, but I do think weíre going to see Marvel U vampires in a different way after this first X-men arc. Some quality effort has gone into making these bloodsuckers worthy of the readersí time.

The Big Bad Wolf: Does Death of Dracula and the new X-Men series have anything to do with the MI-13 ďVampire StateĒ Story arc?

Victor Gischler: Not really. I read it (and liked it) in my prep for the various vampire projects coming out, but we really are taking things in a new direction.

The Big Bad Wolf: Does the X-Men series take place prior to Death of Dracula or vice versa?

Victor Gischler: Death of Dracula comes first.

The Big Bad Wolf: What can you tell us about the vampire story arc for X-Men?

Victor Gischler: Itís going to be more than just vampires bite people and the X-Men stop them. Weíre going to get a good look at the complicated politics of the vampire world. Thereís a pretty intense power struggle.

The Big Bad Wolf: What role will Blade play in this story?

Victor Gischler: Canít have a vampire story without Blade! That just ainít right. He plays a significant role early in the arc. Itís gonna be cool stuff.

The Big Bad Wolf: Which vampires will we see battling the X-Men?

Victor Gischler: Ahhhhhh. Got to tune in to find that one out!

The Big Bad Wolf: When is the first issue due out?

Victor Gischler: JULY. In time for SDCC...?

The Big Bad Wolf: Switching gears to Death of Dracula now.............. What can you tell us about the Xarus character?

Victor Gischler: Well, Dracula already has one son we know about: Janus. Xarus is the other son. The bad egg. The upstart. Trouble maker. The guy you donít want your daughter to date.

The Big Bad Wolf: How old is this vampire and who is this mother?

Victor Gischler: Ah-ha. More secrets. Death of Dracula comic

The Big Bad Wolf: It has been a while since we have seen Janus. Most of his appearances were as a child or being possessed by an angel. What can we expect from your version of this character?

Victor Gischler: Iíll stop short of calling him the ďprotagonistĒ but heís a sympathetic character. The ďgoodĒ brother.

The Big Bad Wolf: Will we see vampires like Hrolf, Deacon Frost, Morbius, Hannibal King and Varnae in this series?

Victor Gischler: Not in this series, but as the future of vampires in the Marvel U unfolds and evolves, one never can tell.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you give us a bit of a spoiler on which vampires are swayed to the side of Xarus?

Victor Gischler: Count Chocula!

The Big Bad Wolf: What about those to Janus?

Victor Gischler: Hey now! Canít give away the story! Thatís not kosher! Ha-ha.

The Big Bad Wolf: With a vampire war brewing, will humans and heroes alike be aware of this war?

Victor Gischler: Death of Dracula sets the stage for some major changes in the Marvel Universe. In X-Men #1, when we kick off ďCurse of The Mutants,Ē weíre dealing with something else vampire related that means some big changes for the X-Men.

The Big Bad Wolf: Is this comic set to be a one shot or mini-series?

Victor Gischler: Death of Dracula is a one-shot Ö but a big, juicy one-shot.

The Big Bad Wolf: Where can readers find out more information about you?

Victor Gischler: One and all are welcome to visit Blogpocalypse:

The Big Bad Wolf: In closing what would you like to say to our readers about both the X-Men Vampires crossover and The Death of Dracula?

Victor Gischler: Itís not business as usual with these vampires. Weíre not rehashing the Hammer films here (although I actually like those films). Itís going to be pretty darn cool.

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, Victor. Best of luck!

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Published on: 2010-05-12 (5782 reads)

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