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Poe and Phillips interview with Jaime Collado


Edgar Allen Poe and Howard Phillips Lovecraft were born and raised in different eras. But during each of their times they were both investigators of paranormal affairs and once had a case where they worked together. Searching for the power of a mysterious coin, the unlikely duo find themselves against an ancient emperor who wants to use the coins to conquer the world... throughout all times!

We caught up with writer, Jaime Collado, to talk about Poe and Phillips.

Horror News Network: How did you come up with the concept for this comic?

Jaime Collado: I'm a fan of these authors. Two horror legends and mythology were fascinating. And the idea was to unite the two worlds of literature.

Horror News Network: What is it like mixing the world of these two great horror writers?

Jaime Collado: Sincerely dominates the world of Lovecraft. The pantheon of monsters is richer for the adventure and action. But there are details on the work of Poe.

Horror News Network: What can we expect in terms of monsters and things that go bump in the night within these pages?

Jaime Collado: A lot. There are monsters, action, villains, creatures from other worlds. And mysteries ...

Horror News Network: How did you hook up with Arcana?

Jaime Collado: They knew of my work with Alias Enterprises for "Jhon Caronte, Zombie Detective". I worked on two projects with Arcana that are complete. Poe and Phillips being the first published.

Horror News Network: How is it working with artist, Miguel Hernandez Cedillo?

Jaime Collado: A pleasure. Miguel is a great person, artist and professional. I think his work is exceptional. I would love to go on with more adventures of Poe and Phillips with his art.

Horror News Network: What has impressed you the most with his artwork?

Jaime Collado: His love of detail is on every page. I think he has a great future in this industry.

Horror News Network: Which story stands out as your favorite from each author?

Jaime Collado: Lovecraft: The Mountains of Madness. It was the idea for the comic. And Poe: The Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym. But in both cases it is difficult to choose.

Horror News Network: Where can our readers find out more information on Poe and Phillips?

Jaime Collado: In the official website of Arcana and Miguel's blog

Horror News Network: In closing, what would you like to say about Poe and Phillips?

Jaime Collado: I hope you like this proposal. This story is only the beginning. There are new stories and characters in the future. This is only a small part of the threat looming over our heroes. Thanks for being there.


Poe and Lovecraft comic


Poe and Lovecraft comic


Poe and Lovecraft comic


Poe and Lovecraft comic

Horror News Network: Thank you for your time, Jaime. Comment on this article here or on our forum.

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Published on: 2010-08-30 (3992 reads)

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