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Who Will Save the World Interview with Stefano Cardoselli


Recently, co-founder of Azurek Studios Stefano Cardoselli, whose artwork can be seen in the new series "Styx and Stone" from Bluewater Comics, took a break to talk to about his upcoming book, "Who Will Save the World?". Stephanie Shamblin Gray would like to note that much of the interview was performed with the assistance of translation software (Cardoselli speaks Italian, Stephanie speaks English) and any misinterpretation is unintended.

"Who Will Save the World?"
Pages 28 Black & White
Story by Rita Gorgoni and Stefano Cardoselli

Art by Stefano Cardoselli
Translated by Alex Rodrik

DarkSlinger comics (USA)
Azurek Studios (c) 2010

Stephanie Shamblin Gray: Can you give us a synopsis of "Who Will Save the World"?

Stefano Cardoselli: The Western Front. September 12, 1914. It's early morning in the French trenches. Two soldiers eat as the rain drowns the land. The sunrise pulls a strange green cloud up from the horizon. The smell of death grows as a sinister shadow is cast upon the trenches: the Germans are attacking. The French quickly arm themselves and open fire on the approaching enemy soldiers, but their bullets might as well be spit balls. The German soldiers who do fall rise instantly and continue their approach. What ensues is a morning of massacre, the French had no chance. When the medical teams arrive, all that remain are pieces of what were once soldiers: devoured by an unknown weapon.

But as the French tend to their dead, the Germans are just a few miles outside of Paris.
The Germans have harnessed a chemical formula that instantly revives their fallen soldiers. Germany now holds the most dangerous weapon on the planet. They call their new army "The Green Skull." It doesn't take long for Germany to overwhelm and overthrow all of France and Italy, the rest of Europe is next.

The Empire is winning this war and now they prepare to take Britain. In an attempt to combat the quickly approaching attack, Britain calls out to the US for assistance. The year is 1917.

Tesla Team
The US, seeing an eminent threat, sends over their best force: The Tesla Initiative. The Initiative is a Special Forces team formed by Nikola Tesla. The team consists of Captain John Lugosi, Dr. K, and 12 specialized Marines. The team is equipped with high tech electromagnetic weaponry. Their objective is simple: do not engage in unnecessary combat, find the chemical strain, and bring it back. A counteragent must be developed to help fight The Empire......

SSG: The book was co-written by you and Rita Gorgoni. You have worked together before?

SC: Yes, we founded Azurek Studios in 2001, and worked on stories for Heavy Metal magazine. New stories will come out in December 2010 and February 2011. Again for Adam Watson and Kat Meyers at Dark Slinger comics. We are also working on two other mini-series, "100 points of Hate" and "Black Lizard" out in 2011 and a graphic novel, "Bushido Wasabi" for COMX with co-writer Alex Rodrik. The release is scheduled for summer 2011.

SSG: What prompted you to investigate an alternate World War I, which also included Nikola Tesla?

SC: I am a history fan, and when I began to study World War I, I remember I was struck by the number of dead soldiers and senseless attacks, the men treated as expendable numbers, an unnecessary war of position. Every war is a disaster, and I believe the First World War had a turn for the worse: the use of new weapons, gas, the first tanks, squads heads. In short, new ways to kill and not to find a peaceful solution to the problems. Why Tesla? Certainly a fascinating and controversial historical figure,

actively participated in the First World War weapons design; innovative, but never used.

SSG: What can you tell us about your art in this book?

SC: used a lot of strong shadows, trying to recreate the lights and shadows of old horror movies with Bela Lugosi. In short, a river of black India ink.

SSG: As a writer, what did you discover about yourself while writing this story?

SC: It's fun to write even if I owe everything to Rita. She clears my stories and adds new and interesting things. I do not see myself 100% as a writer, but mainly a designer.

SSG: When is the release date of the book and how much does it cost?

SC: It will be released in March, but you can already pre-order your copy. The price will be around 3 USD ($3.00 US). Also to come out will be a limited number of action figures taken from characters in "Who Will Save the World?" A special thanks to Adam at DarkSlinger for his interest in my art. DarkSlinger certainly is a publishing house that is new and growing.

Other books I am working on are a Sketch book in March "Astrozombies, Vampires and Donuts"

two of the series "Chronicles of Van Helsing," written by Adam with the cover by Tony Morgan, and also in March will be released a funny horror comic "The Black Suit of Death: Ides of March" written by Benjamin Kreger for Warrior/Innkeeper Comics. All fun to read!

SSG: Where can our readers learn more about the book?

SC: Visit the websites for the Dark Slinger comics ( Azurek Studios ( The book will be included as soon as the preview is available. Or at our facebook page:

SSG: In closing, what would you say about "Who Will Save the World?

SC: I will not reveal the ending of the book for the reader not to ruin the surprise.

There are 32 pages of action and horror .. but not only this belief, is not an empty box

that in the end you can see below ..

Who Will Save the World comic

Who Will Save the World comic

Who Will Save the World comic

Who Will Save the World comic

SSG: Thank you for your time! Comment on this article on our forum.

Copyright © by Horror Comic Book News - Comic Monsters All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2010-12-08 (3944 reads)

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