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Brimstone and The Borderhounds interview with Hound Comics


To many, Hell is a place of demons and fire. The place where all evil souls go to be tortured for the rest of eternity; and Heaven is the place where good people go to eat ice cream and float on clouds. Unfortunately, it's all a load of crap. Hell is just a place in another reality, like Long Island but not as annoying.

We caught up with the Hound Comics team to talk about Brimstone and the Borderhounds.

Horror News Network: How did the concept come about for Brimstone and The Borderhounds?

Brimstone:  The original idea to adapt my professional wrestling persona into comic form came to me around 2005 when I reached out to a few artists to see what they would come up with concerning the actual character.  I received a response from Jacob Chabot (X-Babies/Mighty Skullboy Army) along with the first version of ‘Brimstone’ in comic book form.  I had always believed that the character itself was extremely memorable and marketable; forget about it being based on myself – Brim is just very cool and has the makings of becoming an iconic hero in due time.  Following the receipt of Jacob’s artwork… I touched base with Marcello (Carnevali) and proposed the project.  Thankfully, he loved the idea and we sat down in a local diner to create what is now the Borderhounds bible!

 Marcello:  Brim and I came up with the idea for the characters reminiscing of our time within professional wrestling.  We've both been comic book fans since childhood and thought that specific wrestling personas would make great comic book characters.  We sat down and created a whole expansive universe in order to draw out stories and individuals.  It was essential that we’d make each character a totally unique creation that could hold their own book if we wanted them to.  We also wanted to complete separation from professional wrestling in order to make them commercially viable and not limit us in terms of content and direction.

Allen:  Our Hound Comics’ CEOs were professional wrestlers with one who used the moniker of Brimstone during his wrestling career.  Coming from a time in that industry where ‘gimmicks’ were a big thing… he created an elaborate back story in order to keep himself in character.  Brimstone and The Borderhounds is somewhat of that back story.  It has nothing to do with wrestling however, just think of it as a very engaging ‘origins’ story!


Horror News Network: Can you talk a bit about this version of Hell?

Brimstone:  Hell… the final frontier… literally!!!  Haha, really though – I truly believe that we have taken an old and drab concept and threw a little stank on it.  We’ve really tried to spin a new angle with our entire outlook of the “Hell” that everyone is used to.

Marcello:  I've always loved the concept of Hell as more of a realistic place and less of a metaphysical one.  Almost every culture on the planet has an interpretation of it in some form or another since the beginning of recorded history; so I've always thought to myself, and years before Branagh's Thor film (approx 7 years when it was written),   "What if 'Hell' was just a misinterpretation by primitive cultures of an alien society?  And what if that Alien society embraced that misinterpretation and used it to keep us afraid and obedient?"  That was how I approached Hell, a completely alternate universe where a highly evolved and decadent culture saw primitive Humans as an opportunity and used their naivety and fear as a means of control.  But as our society grew, along with Hell's own problems, that active intrusion into our world slowly diminished over time and faded into the legends and myths of our ancient cultures.  Hell, along with the other alternate dimensions that have ingrained themselves into our collective human mythologies, has become more of a theme-park today; a demonic and sinister Disney-land, where the employees have bought into their own BS and take themselves way too seriously.

Allen:  Needless to say… It's a very unpleasant place to be.  Our version of Hell sees it as a very unscrupulous business where souls are bought and traded as a commodity.

Thiago:  That’s right… It doesn't matter if you were good or bad in your past life; you'll suffer equally!


Horror News Network: Can you tell our readers about the importance of souls in this comic?

Marcello:  Physics teaches us that energy cannot be destroyed; only changed.  We as human beings have energy running through us.  Not the tree-hugger hippie bush crap energy… Not the Shaolin crouching tiger walk on trees 'hadoken!'' energy; but an actual electrical current that permeates our neurons, runs our brains and keeps our hearts beating.  Is that our soul?  Who knows, but in our comic, that energy is the basis for our consciousness.  Just like when you buy a Bluray movie today and you every-so-often get a digital version of it for download onto a PMP; think of it like our own version of a “Digital Copy” of ourselves that after our physical form has died and continues to exist.  It is that energy that has become a priceless commodity in a ‘cold war’ between alternate universes vying to control the source.  So yeah… Souls are pretty important.

Thiago:  Souls are essentially the essence of all that ‘is’ within the Wastelands.

Allen:  Souls are MONEY in our version of Hell.  They are collected, traded, smuggled and stolen as such.


Horror News Network: Can you talk a bit about the main characters in the book and provide a synopsis of each?

Brimstone:  To be honest… the characters are all so deep that it would be difficult for me to be able to give a short synopsis on each of them.  What I can say without ruining the story or the development of each character as an individual is that each and every one of them has a place in the overall Borderhounds Universe.  I urge you all to join us in watching their lives and fates as they unfold!

Thiago: I have many favorite characters to talk about; however my favorite is Hostile.  He has a very dark and twisted mind… he’s the kind of character that you don't know whether he is coming or going; but will always leave a trail of blood behind him.  I think fans will certainly get behind this character as new and interesting things begin to rear their ugly head.  Haha, he is the one character that I can be as gory as I want to be while coloring and it just works!

Allen:  Brimstone is the leader of the XiBalba Team which is the lead Borderhound crew in the Wasteland.  As a crew, it is their job to hunt down errant souls and collect them for monetary gain.  Not only is ole’ Brim a bad-ass in general… But he also carries a HUGE honkin' bazooka; so you really don't want to mess with the guy!  Then there is ‘Luscious’ who is a trusted member of Brim's crew.  He is an extremely WILD character that everyone can simply enjoy!  I don't want to spoil things for you by telling you too much more than that.  He just has to be experienced through the book.  Dawg is the third and final member of the XiBalba Team.  Personally he reminds me of a cross between characters you would see in The Road Warrior crossed with the Machete character.  Back on Earth as we know it… we have Detective Altar who is a Muslim policeman who is often treated unfairly within his department based on his religious views.  In the first 4-part story arc “Another Cold Day,” Altar is on the hunt for Hostile, a serial killer who he had personally subdued and seen executed years before.  Somehow Hostile has come back and is repeating his crimes on humanity.


Horror News Network: What types of monsters and things that go bump in the night are in this book?

Brimstone:  One of my favorite monsters that inhabit the Wasteland are the Oolog’s!!!  These suckers are big, bad and seriously ugly!  Readers haven’t yet seen everything or even much that the Wasteland has to offer as our initial four book story arc simply briefed the reader on the overall universe. Issue 5 will certainly knock the readers on their asses when they come across the scourge of the Wastelands!!!

Marcello:  Devils, Angels, Demons, serial killers, dirty politicians, corrupt officials, men in skirts, hippies, roadies and a diverse cavalcade of sinister things that would feast upon your bones.

Allen:  All types of ‘monsters’ are represented in the book.  I mean… it is HELL after all isn't it?

Thiago:  Our brand of Demons can be pretty scary in the darkness of the Wasteland… Fear is a taboo that never gets old.  In the Borderhounds, not only are they scary… but are also fully armed and waiting for lost and wandering souls.


Horror News Network: What can we expect in terms of blood and guts?

Brimstone:  We utilize blood and guts where it enhances the story as opposed to just using it overbearingly.  Rest assured… whenever Hostile is involved; there is sure to be excessive violence. It is important for readers to understand that we use it in terms of visually telling the tale similar to a Law & Order episode.

Marcello:  The book in itself is targeted towards a TV-14 audience, so probably as much as you will get in a good CSI episode.  If you are however interested in blood and guts… never fear!  Coming this September/October is our Special Edition Halloween Issue, “NECROCIDE.”  Rest assured… there shall be blood and buckets of it!

Allen:  In terms of serial killers, I can say that Hostile holds NOTHING back when staging his crimes and heh… ‘Executing’ them.

Thiago:  The blood and guts will not always be there, but like Marcello mentioned… I'm working on Necrocide right now and that title will be filled with blood, guts and more blood!  I hope the fans of the genre enjoy it… I truly believe they will.


Horror News Network: How many issues are currently in stores and when is the next issue due out?

Brimstone:  We originally launched in Borders Books on October 31, 2010 (Halloween is a very special date for us here at Hound Comics).  Since the decline in Borders locations across the country… we removed ourselves from their rotation and re-released issue one in Barnes & Noble and Amazon worldwide on January 11, 2011 (11-11 another good date).  We are currently awaiting the release this month of issue four which marks a major landmark for us here at Hound.  Not only does it end our initial four-part mini-series… but Barnes & Noble has cherry picked us to become a featured title in all of their 700 plus stores across the country!  Comic book stores can now order Brimstone and The Borderhounds easier with our signing to Diamond Distribution.  We are currently available in the July issue of Previews and can be stocked by any comic book shop on Earth!!!  Readers can get a taste of all of our issues at our Official website at as well as see our Release Schedule and a partial Distribution list.

Marcello:  Right now, Barnes & Noble & Amazon have issues #1-3 with #4 due this month (July).  You can also get digital copies via Drive Thru Comics, My Digital Comics and WOWIO. Starting in October, our regular series begins with #5 and will be available through all of our distributors. Also beginning this month, Brimstone and The Borderhounds will be available through Diamond Comic Book Distribution; so 97% of the comic book retailers in the country will have access to pick it up starting with issue #5.  Please make sure to get out there and ask your Comic Book stores to carry us!!!

Allen:  The first four issues are available now via Amazon as well as our website and Barnes & Noble locations.  In July however the books will be available at ALL Barnes & Noble locations nationwide!  Also starting in July, our fans will be able to order issues 5 moving forward conveniently from their local comic book stores via Diamond's Previews catalog!


Horror News Network: Who is the rest of the creative team involved in the book?

Brimstone:  We have an amazing team of players involved with the creation of the title… Marcello is the mind behind the writing, I edit and we compare notes on anything important that will be taking place within the series or the overall universe therein.  Sajad Shah is our penciller for the series.  Allen Chickering is our inker and Thiago Castro is the colorist and letterer.  We built this comic as a team and are continuing to build an empire together in Hound Comics, Inc.  We have over twenty people who work for Hound and they each have a part in its success!

Marcello:  Brim and I came up with the concept.  I wrote it. Sajad Shah took my literary psychoses and turned it into art, Allen “Vandal” Chickering makes it pop and Thiago Castro zaps it into existence with colors. The Borderhounds Team is certainly unique gang of wackos if I do say so myself.  All joking aside, a truly professional and talented pool of people and it’s been a pleasure working with them all these years.

Allen:  First you have Brimstone and Marcello Carnevali who are the writers and creators of the series. After that you have Sajad Shah, our amazing penciller, myself (Vandal) the inker and Thiago Castro our colorist, letterer and occasional inker as well.


Horror News Network: Where can we find out more about Brimstone and The Borderhounds?

Brimstone:  I would forward fans to our Official Website at as well as the Official Website for the Borderhounds at – You can easily find all of our social media links via both sites… hope you will all add us and join the Hound Comics Family!  Also, please feel free to check out my Official Website at

Marcello:  Anyone can get in touch with us visiting our website at or at .  You can also hit us up on Facebook at or at

Thiago: Since Brim and Marcello already gave you the info above… shameless plug time… Please check out my Official Site to see how I make the colors happen!

Allen:  I encourage visitors to visit our website which has a lot of information. There is also which is where you can discover everything we have going on here at Hound Comics.


Horror News Network: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about Brimstone and The Borderhounds?

Brimstone:  I encourage everyone reading this to please give us a shot… a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears has gone into the production of this series and I know that if given the opportunity; we will wow you!  Thanks SO much to all our fans… without you; we would be non-existent!  We look forward to seeing you while on the road!!!

Marcello:  Thanks to all our fans, thanks to all our supporters, thanks to all of our spouses and significant others who put up with us and thanks to YOU for helping us spread the word! Support your local Comic Book stores!  And support independent and underground Comics!

Allen:  I can assure your readers that Brimstone and The Borderhounds is one HELL of a fun read!  If you like some humor and some gore thrown in for good measure… you certainly owe it to yourself to check out our book!

Thiago: The art just continues to evolve with every issue… it’s truly awesome. Hound Comics, Inc. is coming along strong with this title and this is just the beginning as many more will eventually come. Thanks a lot Rob, Comic Monsters and fans as always, you rule!!!


Brimstone comic

Brimstone and the Borderhounds comic book

Brimstone and the Borderhounds comic book

Brimstone and the Borderhounds comic

Brimstone and the Borderhounds comic

Brimstone and the Borderhounds

Horror News Network: Thank you for your time guys. Best of luck with the comic. Comment on this interview on our forum.

Copyright © by Horror Comic Book News - Comic Monsters All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2011-07-06 (2845 reads)

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