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Killogy Interview with Alan Robert



Three strangers, all accused of murder, sit impatiently inside a dingy police holding cell waiting to be arraigned. One by one, the characters recount the events which led to their unforseen arrests and, to their surprise, their stories are mysteriously intertwined. Each of the self-contained issues are told in stand-alone format, easy for new readers to jump in. The ironic twist endings will feel reminiscent of those found in The Twilight Zone. Frank Vincent, famous for his various roles in Goodfellas, Raging Bull and The Sopranos stars as Sally Sno-Cones alongside Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Marky Ramone, and actress Brea Grant, popular for her roles on NBC's Heroes and Showtime's Dexter. 

HNN’s Senior Editor, Christine Caprilozzi caught up with Alan Robert to talk about the series so far.

Horror News Network:  With “Killogy” up to this point, the tension between the characters has really heightened to a level of the reader not knowing if they will kill each other before zombies get to them. Can you give us a hint if we will ever see the three work together?
Alan Robert:  Yeah, these three characters are definitely at each others throats and it’s only getting worse for them as time goes on (laughs). It’s been a lot of fun laying the groundwork for some intense scenes between these three.
Since the mini-series is only four issues long, fans will see some closure in April when the final issue hits stands. There’s some new imagery up on
Horror News Network:  The art style is very different from “Crawl to me,” but fits the story really well. Can you describe that process, and the inspiration for that? 
Alan Robert: Yes, the art is very different from my previous work for sure. With WireHangers and Crawl to Me I got very involved with layering multiple textures and incorporating lighting effects into the artwork to create a haunting sort of atmosphere. With this story, I didn’t really think that approach was appropriate; I wanted it to be bolder and more graphic – more in your face. I ended up retraining myself to draw in a more traditional way before beginning. Mike Mignola’s artwork and Dave Stewart’s coloring were definitely huge influences on me when choosing an art direction to go with.
With Killogy, I mostly use flat, unsaturated colors (except for the vibrant red blood, of course) and some very heavy inking to create shadows and definition for the characters and settings. It was absolutely crucial to the storytelling that these characters looked and felt like the celebs they’re likenesses are based on. That was certainly part of the appeal for the series, so consistency has been key.
Horror News Network: “Killogy #3” not only gives the back story to Brea Grant’s character, but sheds light into the bigger picture. The funny part is Marky Ramone doesn’t say much in this issue, yet he is the one to put it all together. Was the intention to have someone streetwise figure it all out?
Alan Robert:  Absolutely! Marky’s character kind of takes a back seat and lets all this information soak in while Frank Vincent and Brea’s character’s go at it. I thought it would be interesting for him to be the one to connect the dots. There are a lot of overlapping storylines happening and I thought it would benefit readers if someone like Marky’s character revealed some of the subtleties that may’ve gone undetected. All of those plot points will be important for the big finale.
Horror News Network: Without giving too much away, we see some characters introduced/re-introduced coming towards the jail in this issue.  What sort of dynamics can we expect from this?
Alan Robert:  I don’t want to give away too much, but you certainly haven’t seen the last of The Three Lorenzos! They definitely make a big impact (pun intended) to the story in how issue #4 plays out.
Horror News Network: You recently had a contest for fans to decide “What’s Frank Vincent going to say next?” I’m sure you got some pretty interesting responses.  What were some of your favorites that did NOT win? And what issue will that appear in? 
Alan Robert: Yeah, the contest was a lot of fun, right? I think Killogy fans dug it a lot judging from the response we received. The winner was Aviva Fort with her caption “Italian ain't on the menu tonight you stupid piece a pus munching maggot bait!" The prize pack included a signed Goodfellas photo from Frank Vincent, and a signed comic and original sketch from me. Not too shabby, eh?
There were a lot of great submissions, but that one was definitely funny. Another great one from Chris White was, “Olive Garden ??!! You tell me to go to Olive Garden!! SONOFABITCH they have the WORST Pasta fazool!”
Horror News Network: Is there a plan for how many there will be in the “Killogy” series?  Do you already have an ending/conclusion” planned out in your head?
Alan Robert:  I always intended Killogy to be a four-issue mini-series, but the finale will leave the door open for possible future volumes. I’ve had a blast working on this one and I’ve already come up with ideas for more story arcs set in this world. There is, however, a new series I have in the works that may come first. Something I’m VERY excited about. It’s in the very early stages right now…
Horror News Network:  Do you run have to run each issue by Frank, Marky, and Brea? Or have they just given you free reign? 
Alan Robert: The three celebs on board are all super-easy to deal with on a creative level. It’s been great, and a lot less stressful than one would imagine. I think that once issue #1 was complete and they got a sense for how this series was going to play out and how they’re characters would be portrayed, it was pretty clear early on that I only had the best of intentions. I’m always sure to send them preview material way ahead of time before I send the files off to IDW to publish. So far it’s been smooth sailing and a real honor and pleasure to work with these true professionals on something so unique and different. Frank hasn’t told me to “Go get my shinebox!” yet, so that’s a good thing (laughs).
Killogy horror comic
Killogy issue 3
Alan Robert
Horror News Network:  “Killiogy #3” is excellent and full of all the blood and guts and New York style verbal altercations we come to love and expect. The issue also explains a lot of the chaos that has been building up to this point.  Issue #3 is a must read for “Killogy” fans.  It hits the streets on February 20th.

Thanks so much for your time Alan! Have a comment? Post it here.

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Published on: 2013-02-08 (2265 reads)

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