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End Times Issue Two Interview with Vin Davis



Issue two of 'End Times', the illustrated horror comic magazine in the tradition of Warren's Creepy and Eerie is now available.

We caught up with creator/publisher, Vin Davis, to talk about the second issue of this series.

Horror News Network: How many stories are in this second issue of END TIMES?
Vin Davis: Issue #2 of END TIMES features another batch of 6 brand new stories. 
Horror News Network: Can you give us the title and synopsis of each story?
Vin Davis: We open E.T.#2 with a story called  "I Don't Believe It!" is an amusing tale about a shiftless man and his frantic unemployed sister who needs a lift to a job interview which just happens to take place on Friday the 13th. An ordinary day degenerates into extraordinary madness!
Next up is our cover story "Radiated Man" and it's a doozy! Our story follows Mr. Steve Andersen (employee of the fictional Mohawk Nuclear Power Plant) into the very real and horrifying world of what it's like to be a whistle blower for unsafe practices at a creepy place like the Mohawk Nuclear Power Plant, the ending is chilling to say the least!  "Home Improvement" is our next story and it's written by newcomer Tom Goldberg, this story follows the exploits of a small fish in a big pond snapping up foreclosures on the cheap and turning them into profitable rental homes. However, this one particular home which he is doing repairs on, provides an exceptional challenge to him... let's just say that "one man's foreclosure is another man's nightmare!"
A title which evokes a feeling of foreboding in some people is up next, "Homeland Security"! The TOC reads "Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched?" Well, this tale dives head first into paranoia, not just our main character's, but quite possibly the reader's own! 
A futuristic tale which takes place in the year 2035 is up next and it's called "Technosapiens". A rather youthful and fit grandfather visits his rapidly aging and unhealthy grandson at a place ironically called SPA-CENTRAL where he lays in a cocoon- like device which tends to his every need. Only those with a membership (the "technosapiens") can enter, leaving those on the outside (the "old school") in abject poverty. It's a look at the haves and the have-nots with a poignant ending! We finish up END TIMES issue#2 with the amusing and light hearted "5 Minute Rule". A tale about a sweet little old lady who leaves her laundry unattended in the washing machine and the annoyed young man who has to go in and remove her clothes for her. I cast myself into this one, in the role of "the annoyed young man" and that was truly horrifying! 
The gruesome ending should amuse our readers, I know my wife really enjoyed it!  
Horror News Network: Can you tell us about the creators involved in this issue?
Vin Davis: Charles Anthony is back and he helped me conceive of "Technosapiens", he also has taken over the art duties for something called "Cab's Hood" which may continue as a new series in END TIMES.
Jeff Edmond helped conceive and write "Homeland Security" as well as "5 Minute Rule" (based on his very own laundry room antics).
I highly recommend his books "The Freakout Zone" and "The Freakout Zone Vol.II" (which are being advertised in E.T. issue #2 and are available through the Henry St. Press). Good old reliable Al Crandall helped me with the art in "5 Minute Rule".
Horror News Network: Which story in this issue do you consider to be the most bone chilling?
Vin Davis: The blurb on the cover of issue #2 reads "REVOLTING TALES OF MISFORTUNE!" and that's the common thread for all the stories contained in this issue. If I had to pick the one most chilling, that would have to be our cover story "Radiated Man".
Horror News Network: The first issue of END TIMES was a hit. How does this second issue rate in your mind against the first?
Vin Davis: It's more thought provoking than issue#1 and I'm really pleased with that. 
My vision for END TIMES has always been to entertain but to take what's happening around us and find a way to see it through the horror and science fiction lens without being too preachy. I feel we've succeeded in doing that in issue#2 and I hope we can continue.  
Horror News Network: When can we expect issue three?
Vin Davis: END TIMES #3 (SUMMER/FALL 2013) will be on sale this July. 
Our cover story "No Zombie Left Behind" features a classroom, a zombie teacher teaching her zombified class and I have to be honest it's already causing a bit of a stir but regardless it will be our cover! 
Horror News Network: Where can our readers find out more information on this series?
Vin Davis: There's always our publisher's website:
End Times horror comic
End Times Horror Comic
End Times Horror Comic
End Times zombie story
Horror News Network: Thanks for your time, Vin! Have a comment? Post it here.

Copyright © by Horror Comic Book News - Comic Monsters All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2013-02-13 (3738 reads)

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