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Christopher Lukos became a different species of Werewolf, a Hidden Wolf. He only acquired 'the gift' of the wolf spirit; he only changed inside his body, and never physically transformed; no hair, large canines, or a snout. He also acquired the wolf's senses and the vicious desire to kill and feast. The only slight physical change was his eye color to yellow when he became aggressive. At first, Christopher denied 'the gift' and tried to fight it on his own. He tried to starve the wolf spirit by not killing and feasting. Christopher was prepared to let himself weaken and die as the wolf spirit dies so he could keep his humanity. Because of his denial, he did kill again, the vicious urge to kill and feast overcame him when he was in his weakened state. Then he accidentally met Tasha, who was also a Hidden Wolf and she became his lover/mentor. With Tasha's help, he learned to accept the vicious urge to kill and feast. Together they targeted the criminal elements to satisfy their wolf within.

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Five ghost hunters spend the night in the Buffalo Central Terminal a long abandoned train terminal located deep in the heart of Buffalo's notorious East side ghetto. The terminal is said to be haunted by those who have died within its cold stone walls. What begins as a joke turns into a terrifying nightmare as the five are assaulted by the psychotic dead.

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