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Everyone's favorite redneck lycanthrope is back courtesy of Scare Tactix Graphix.

We spoke with writer, Mitch Hyman, about all things Bubba the Redneck Werewolf, including some movie information.

The Big Bad Wolf: For those that may have never picked up an issue before, can you give a synopsis of Bubba the Redneck Werewolf?

Bubba werewolfMitch Hyman: Glad to! Bubba is the story of a Dogcatcher who caught the wrong dog. In small southern towns the two elected positions open to the "Village Idiot" are Mayor and Dogcatcher. Well the Mayor job was filled... LOL! Bubba's Origin is re-called in my current issue, but here's the 411..

A cosmetics factory opened up in town and because it was in the rural south they got away with animal testing on their line of cosmetics. A poodle that was being used to test "glow in the Dark" mascara got loose. To avoid a public and government scandal, the factory owner called the local authorities to re-capture the dog. Well, Bubba's bosses were heavily bribed and so sent who they felt was the biggest dumbass they had on staff (Bubba) to get the animal. Nobody would believe goofy Bubba Blanche about anything anyway, so he was the perfect pawn.

Bubba caught up with the dog and escaped him. But before the dog got away, it bit him. Now Bubba in pain, went home and drank moonshine to ease the pain. He also drank some as well. This all combined with the fact that Bubba is covered in Dog hair (Doggie DNA), his constant anger at being a loser and the full moon that night all combined to have him wake up the next day in the permanent "hairy suit".

All this benefited Bubba though! He was now stronger, a bit smarter and became the town hero for exposing the evil corporate/local government scandal.

The Big Bad Wolf: Is Bubba an ongoing series now, or what is the frequency of the issues?

Mitch Hyman: Bubba has been in print at a bunch of different publishers since 1996. He's an on-going and all the stories are self contained, so any issue of Bubba can stand alone. I print him as frequently as publishers ask me too or have an opening on their schedules. I'd like to have 4-6 issues come out a year but it's up to the publishers and their needs. They have lots of other books to do and I'm proud that Bubba makes on the radar when he can. Like the Tick, folks are glad to see him when he does. Also I own the copyright and Trademark on Bubba, so whoever wants an issue can contact me and I'll get one going for them. I love writing him!

The Big Bad Wolf: When is the next issue due out?

Mitch Hyman: There is a new one out now from Scare Tactix Graphix. It's issue 1,000,000. I did this cause I didn't think even a stubborn evil ol' SOB like me would around to see it before the final dirt nap.

The Big Bad Wolf: What is the latest issue of Bubba, and can you provide a synopsis of it?

Mitch Hyman: This one is "Rumble in Romania" I've been promising this one for over two years and here it is! It's about Bubba going to the "Drunk Olympics" (Something I actually ran at I bar I owned years ago) in "Burpenfarten" Romania. There Bubba finds a town full of drunken Circus "small folk", a castle filled with RPG playing Nazis bent on taking over the world with an evil role playing game. Plus their own Werewolf protects these guys. This issue also answers just where the Toxic waste that turned Bubba came from and who was behind it all. Not bad for one issue, huh? LOL!

The Big Bad Wolf: This latest issue features art by Shawn Surface. How did you hook up with him?

Mitch Hyman: I found Shawn floating in a reed basket when my Uncle the Pharaoh... LOL! Actually, Shawn found me. I was at ashow promotinga really wahcked out comic that I was doing another company. We had on these crazy Eyes of Ra T-shirts to promote the concept and Shawn was roped in. Bwhahaha! But he got away for a few years and we hooked up again when a mutual friend who was drawing Bubba quit and went to raise a family. Shawn and I have been leap-frogging around with Bubba for years. He actually wrote a Bubba story for Silent Devil a few years back that was terrific! You have to ask him about that.

The Big Bad Wolf: Is Shawn going to be the full time Bubba artist from now on? werewolf fight

Mitch Hyman: According to the contracts I made with Satan, he sure will! If he doesn't, I get his soul, ten bucks and a penny for Charon for that river Styx scenic ride.

The Big Bad Wolf: What types of monsters can we expect to see Bubba battling it out against in the near future?

Mitch Hyman: Corporate Trolls and large comic company editors. LOL! Bubba was designed to go anywhere and be up against anything. He can go into space, under the sea or just find a bunch of undead running the local church bingo game. Bubba is like me. I've had lots of weird jobs and occupations trying to keep it all going when writing wasn't making the bills. I've been everything from a FM DJ to the guy driving a truck full of broken missile parts from NASA to a junkyard. Oh yeah, one time a bunch of Bubba fans at the Cape dedicated a rocket launch and satellite to Bubba. It was launched under a full moon and I still have the official photo and dedication for the sucker. Pretty cool. Take THAT you guys from the JLA! I got a REAL satellite!

The Big Bad Wolf: Do you have any update on the Bubba movie? Is there going to be one at this point?

Mitch Hyman: Okay, let's lay this down. A few years ago I was approached by a "producer" to make a Bubba movie. So, I wrote the script and waited. And waited and waited. The producer could not raise the money because he was busy using my name and character to show he was capable of doing other projects and getting free meals all the projects tanked and the bills for the meals came to me. He then said he wasn't a money raiser, he was a money handler. Well in my opinion he couldn't do either. The movie went out with a PFHHHT! I was disappointed and had some rough times because of this clown. I had him checked out before anything was done, but he was slick and beat some pretty sharp attorneys and business folks besides me. Later I found out he had gotten in trouble previously as a minor for identity theft and other shady doings. He was a cyber devil with no records as an adult for this. Loopholes are such like that.

NOW though I have several real deal, very sharp movie types from large studios contacting me about doing a Bubba film and other projects. So I'll tell ya'll what I told them. Just be the first one to get me a check that cashes and a contract that doesn't have me begging at the premiere for tickets to see my own character on the screen and you win!" LOL! Things look good. Life is much better now that I understand the film industry. Good folks ARE out there to be found!

The Big Bad Wolf: Where can our readers find out more about Bubba the Redneck Werewolf?

Mitch Hyman: In finer trashcans located throughout the lower Fertile Crescent. OR you can go to OR you can write me at and I’ll either respond or ignore you if you’re part of that breast enlarging Ethiopian lottery scam!

The Big Bad Wolf: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about Bubba the Redneck Werewolf?

Mitch Hyman: Bubba is all ages "funnier than hell and dumber than bag of hammers" fun. He is the ORIGINAL country wolf who hangs out with his Biker buddy, hard drinkin’, lovable, hard partyin’ guy that dwells in us all. Bubba is like us all…He’s just trying to make a living to keep all his bad habits in good order. So, grab an issue and find out what folks have been saying about him for years…that Mitch Hyman guy must be on the dope to be writing THIS stuff!

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, Mitch! Best of luck with Bubba.

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Published on: 2009-02-20 (4737 reads)

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