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Horror Comic Book News - Comic Monsters: Pages List

List of available content in Horror Comic Book News - Comic Monsters:

· Doug Moench talks WEREWOLF BY NIGHT
· Neal Marshall Stevens talks DEMON SQUAD
· Alan Grant talks CHANNEL EVIL
· Alan Grant talks CHURCH OF HELL
· Bane of the WereWolf interview with Rob Brown
· Stefan Hutchinson talks HALLOWEEN: THE MARK OF THORN
· The Night Projectionist Interview with Bob Heske
· The Living Corpse 2009 preview
· Josh Medors talks about his battle with cancer
· Miles Gunter talks DEMON CLEANER
· Ralph Tedesco talks SALEM'S DAUGHTER
· Ralph Tedesco talks STINGERS
· Dean Hsieh talks Aeon of the Dead
· Adam Atherton talks BLEED
· Stephen Lindsay talks THE SECRET CROSS
· Jeff Mariotte talks ZOMBIE COP
· Chad Jones talks SHADOW CHRONICLES
· Alex Leung talks GOLEM
· Zach Hunchar talks LEPRECHAUN
· Sammy Montana talks THE HAUNTED CAVES
· Stephen Lindsay talks Jesus Hates Zombies
· William Harms talks IMPALER
· Carnival Comics Funhouse of Horrors
· Zito and Trov talk Black Cherry Bombshells
· Drew Edwards talks HACKOWEEN
· Bryan Baugh talks Wulf and Batsy
· Seeley, Haeser and Hasson talk The Living Corpse - Hack/Slash crossover
· Andy Briggs talks RITUAL
· Loren Meyer talks BLOOD HUNTER
· The Claws Come Out Interview
· David Kendall talks The Mammoth Book of Zombie Comics
· Halloween The First Death of Laurie Strode Interview
· Jeff Parker Monster-Size HULK #1 Interview
· BLADE turns 10 - Film debuted on August 21, 1998
· Stephen Dorff Interview - Deacon Frost from BLADE
· Yeti vs. Vampire Interview with Miles Gunter
· Jason Moody talks SCARLET VERONICA
· Hart D. Fisher Interview
· Colin Panetta talks DEAD MAN HOLIDAY
· Arly Jover Interview - Mercury from Blade
· Marcus Aurelius Interview - Pragmatic Policeman from Blade
· Erl Van Douglas Interview - Von Esper from Blade
· Clint Curtis Interview - Creepy Morgue Guy from Blade
· Kenny Johnson Interview - Heatseeking Dennis from Blade
· Eric Edwards Interview - Pearl from Blade
· Donal Logue Interview - Quinn from Blade
· The Making of Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs

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