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Deadpool #6 preview

Posted on Friday, February 22 @ 14:34:22 PST

Marvel Comics has provided us a synopsis of the new Deadpool comic.

Deadpool has sliced, diced, and mocked almost every former President of the United States, and in this explosive finale -- see who makes it out alive (obviously, not the presidents)! It's the epic finale of the Dead Presidents!

32 pages
March 20

Written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan
Art by Tony Moore
Covers by Zachary Baldus and Adam Warren

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  • LarryDwyer
    After many years of waiting for a proper release of @RealCliveBarker’s #Nightbreed, I have it. Thanks @ShoutFactory! http://t.co/IKJEuHIqiW
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  • Christine_HNN
    #FF @HorrorNews crew @LarryDwyer @UndeadStephanie @Makasupa @gothicmermaid13 @CTbrthrhd @CTHorrorFest @DeadisPunk @BloodEBastard
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  • UndeadStephanie
    @SD_Comic_Con Great article. Summed it up very nicely.
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  • BloodEBastard
    Don't let curiosity get the best of you, you can't un-watch those tapes. #Sinister - http://t.co/iai6WI52TM
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  • CTbrthrhd
    RT @HorrorNews: Muck - Review by @gothicmermaid13 #horror @kanehodder1 @Jaclyn_Swedberg @GetTheMuckOut @AnchorBayHorror http://t.co/ieP2F0…
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