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The Horror News Network consists of the following sites: - The world's largest news and resource site for HORROR comic books. Up to the minute news on horror comics such as The Walking Dead, Goon, Hellboy, 30 Days of Night, Hack/Slash, Marvel Zombies and many more! - A fast growing site dedicated to all things HORROR video game related. Up to the minute news on horror video games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead, Splatterhouse, Dead Rising, FEAR and many more! - A fantastic resource for collectors of HORROR toys. Up to the minute news on action figures, statues, model kits, bobble heads, dolls and more. - A fast growing movie site which has up to the minute news on HORROR movies and DVDís. Up to the minute news on movies such as Halloween, SAW, Friday the 13th and many more! - Our main site which captures news from our entire network. Complete coverage of all things HORROR!


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    Just catching up on #AHSFREAKSHOW @naomiwgrossman made me cry... Phenomenal performance #PepperLove
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    RT @ErikHofstatter: I believe in hate at first sight.
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    This movie is so FREAKY! Have you seen #TheQuietOnes from @lionsgatehorror? -
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    1932's 'Vampyr' Coming To DVD On March 3rd @HorrorNews
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