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Sid Haig Interview

Captain Spaulding talks to Comic Monsters

Untitled Document

Sid HaigTheBigBadWolf: Hey Sid, Welcome to, The Horror Community.

Let’s kick off this interview by talking about your past.

What made you want to get into acting?

Sid Haig: It was a natural progression. I started as a dancer at the age of six, got involved in music at nine playing drums in the elementary school band, and then acting at twelve.

TheBigBadWolf: Most people know your work from the last few years, but have had a career spanning 30 plus years. Tell us your favorite memory from working on each of the following TV shows:

Sid Haig: Make that 44 years.

Batman -
It was amazing to work with Victor Buono.

Star Trek-
It was the first year of a show that no one thought would become a classic. All of the regulars on the show were trying to quit smoking at the time. They used to use chewing gum to help them quit, so as you can imagine, we had to keep cutting to have one or more of them spit out the gum. The directorSid_Haig was Joe Pevney, a nervous little guy who used to freak every time one of them screwed up a shot.

Mission Impossible –
I had done more Mission Impossible episodes than any other actor, totaling nine episodes in all. They treated me like I was a regular on the show.

Gunsmoke –
I did four episodes of Gunsmoke. The most memorable to me was one where I was a member of a gang that was getting fired on by a sniper. I was the only one on the ground, everyone else was already on horse back. My horse took off and I started to chase him down. Much to my surprise, I managed to catch up with him. I reached up and grabbed the pummel and thought to myself ..."Hey I can do a pony express mount". Well about half way through I realized that I didn't know how to do a pony express mount and cut the horse loose, tripped, fell, and smashed my head on a rock.

Buck Rogers –
I did two two-part episodes. The last episode of the first season, and the first episode of the second season. The most memorable one for me was the one at the end of the first season called “Flight of the War Witch“. I was working with Julie Newmar who I had worked with on Jason of Star Command, a Sid Haigshow that I starred in in 1978 and 1979.

The Fall Guy –

I did four episodes of The Fall Guy. Lee Majors was a great guy to work with. We got along really well, and he put me on his list of actors that he wanted on the show.

MacGyver –
I did two episodes.
The most fun for me was the first one called “Pegasus“.
I got to do some stunts on horseback on the beach. Very cool.

Werewolf -
I just remember that I worked with some really great actors ... and Salt Lake City, where it was shot, was cold enough to freeze the tits off a baboon.

TheBigBadWolf: What was the first film you ever made and what was that experience like to you?

Sid Haig: The first film I did was Jack Hill's student film at UCLA called The Host.Lambada
It was quite an experience because I had no film training, but Jack was very kind, we got through it just fine and I went on to do many more films with him.

TheBigBadWolf: Foxy Brown is such a cult classic, what was it like working on that movie?

Sid Haig: Not as much fun as any of the five other films I did with Pam Grier.

TheBigBadWolf: I also read that you were in Lambada, the Forbidden Dance. What was that like?

Sid Haig: Stupid!!!

TheBigBadWolf: Captain Spaulding has become such a recognizable character in the horror community. How did you hook up with Rob Zombie to make House of 1000 Corpses?

Sid Haig: Rob grew up watching my work, so luckily for me when it came time to cast the film he remembered me, and that was it.

TheBigBadWolf: How much input did you have into the Captain Spaulding character? Is there a little Captain_SpauldingCaptain Spaulding in Sid Haig?

Sid Haig: Rob gave me a lot of room to play around, and so I did. There's a little Captain Spaulding in everyone, y'all just don't let him out.

TheBigBadWolf: Tell us about the scene in The Devil’s Rejects where you carjacked P.J. Soles, of Halloween fame, for your Top Secret Clown Business. (Do I stutter bitch?)

Sid Haig: She was very cool to work with. She had a little trouble taking the punch, but she got there.

TheBigBadWolf: What was your favorite scene in The Devil’s Rejects?

Sid Haig: I know everyone is expecting me to say the scene with Ginger Lynn, but I have to say that I just enjoyed doing the work as a whole.

TheBigBadWolf: How was it working with guys like Ken Foree and Michael Berryman?

Sid Haig: Those guys are pros, and it's not work, it's friends having fun.

TheBigBadWolf: Speaking of movies, another one you are rumored as playing lead in is a comic Bubbabook movie called Bubba the Redneck Werewolf. Have you ever read any of the comics and can you give us any info on the movie?

Sid Haig: I have read the comic, and I love it, or I wouldn't do the role.
I can't tell you anything about the film, or they would have to kill me.

TheBigBadWolf: What is your favorite horror movie?

Sid Haig: The original House of Wax.

TheBigBadWolf: Sid, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. I am a big fan of all of your work and it was a great pleasure to meet you. Good luck with the Bubba movie. I am sure that if anyone can pull off the redneck werewolf, it is you!

We appreciate your time.

Talk about this Sid Haig interview here.

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Published on: 2005-12-05 (9246 reads)

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