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American Wasteland Interview

R.D. Hall and Andrew Mangum talk American Wasteland

We talked AMERICAN WASTELAND with writer, R.D. Hall and the books new artist, Andrew Mangum.

American WastelandTheBigBadWolf: Why the artist change from Mark Kidwell to Andrew Mangum for issue 2?

R.D. Hall: It really came to to deadlines. Mark was juggling two gigs and one had to fall. Mark and I are good friends so we worked it out and Mark bowed out after page 8 in issue 2. Mark and I planned to finish the book together, and we've got some other ideas down the pike. So, you'll see the Hall/Kidwell team-up again.

TheBigBadWolf: How did you meet Andrew?

R.D. Hall: The Magic of Myspace. Andrew added me originally because he liked the Frankenstein comic I did at Dead Dog. After I added him I noticed he was an really killer artist, so I always kept him in mind for a future project. Originally Andrew was just going to ink issues 2-4 of Wasteland, but when Mark had to leave I knew Andrew was the best choice to complete the book.

TheBigBadWolf: Andrew, you are replacing Mark Kidwell. Do you feel any added pressure with the art duties?

Andrew Mangum: At first there was a little bit of pressure due to the fact that Mark had already laid out the ground work for the characters, I didn't want to come in and draw Cletus as some muscle bound playboy, I wanted to keep true to Mark and R.D.'s vision of the character. After about five pages in, I really got more comfortable with the characters, and I really wanted to give them my own flair as well. It was actually my idea to give Johnny Copperhead his duster, I thought it was a little creepier and would transfer well to film.

TheBigBadWolf: Take us through the creation process of issue two. Mark had drawn a handful of pages already for that issue, then Andrew jumps in. Was it tough pulling it all together?

R.D. Hall: It took some getting used to, I originally wrote the book with Mark in mind so I used some short hand in some of the panel descriptions, because I knew how Mark worked. With Andrew I had to adapt it to favor his style.

Andrew Mangum: I was originally going to take over illustrating on issue 3, I got as far as break downs when R.D. called me and requested I take over on page 8 of issue 2. We pulled it through by keeping the look of the characters close to Mark's version, and I inked Mark's first seven pages, after the colorist came in, the work blended together nicely.American Wasteland

TheBigBadWolf: What can we expect for issue 2 and the rest of this series?

R.D. Hall: Issue 2, Cletus not only has to take on the Vamps but the Marine Corps as well. But, that's the least of his problems with he meets the new girl in town. As far as the rest of the series you're gonna learn a little bit more about Sumbitch's background, and finally see if Cletus can save Mama.

Andrew Mangum: Issue 2 has a lot of action in it. Mark did a badass two page spread showing Johnny and his clan. Then you got the shot that everyone seems to dig of Johnny on the chopper, you even get to see Cletus grab an M-16, and lay waste to a vamp with a killer tattoo on his arm, oh yeah, Katie gets introduced, and Sumbitch gets a new haircut.

TheBigBadWolf: R.D., what is the best part about working with Andrew?

R.D. Hall: Andrew is a fan, first an foremost so he really reads the scripts and ask questions. He wants to know exactly what I'm thinking when I'm writing. We talk over every page as he's working on them, I think it really adds to the book.

TheBigBadWolf: Same question to you Andrew, what is your favorite part about working with R.D.?

Andrew Mangum: Without sounding like a total ass kiss, I am actually a big fan of R.D.'s, I loved his work he did with Jerry at Dead Dog on Frankenstein, so when R.D. approached me about taking over the book, it was cool just to get the chance to work with him. R.D. gives me plenty of freedom with the pages, if he flat out doesn't like the way something looks, he'll let me know, and of course I'll change it, I can also get as bloody or as emotional as I want with the pages! On top of the professional aspects of R.D., he's a stand up guy and has become a really great friend.


TheBigBadWolf: Does issue 2 have any incentive covers?

R.D. Hall: No, but issue three will have a cover by Tony Moore and a Cover by Andrew Mangum, though.

American WastelandTheBigBadWolf: When is issue 2 due out?

R.D. Hall: August with issue 3 close behind it.

TheBigBadWolf: R. D. what's up next for you?

R.D. Hall: I've got a horror action fantasy called RED coming out. A book with Andrew called Taker, and I'm working on a novel called Splatterpunk. And somewhere in between, I'm doing a Western called Brother's Keeper.

TheBigBadWolf: Andrew, are there any other books you have coming out soon?

Andrew Mangum: On top of American Wasteland, I have an issue of Grimm Fairy Tales no. 16 which I actually illustrated before American Wasteland, due out at the end of this month, and a few other books from Zenescope which I threw down inks for.

TheBigBadWolf: Thanks for taking the time to talk about your book, guys. The first issue was really fun and issue two looks to be the same!

Talk about the American Wasteland Interview.

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Published on: 2007-08-01 (8150 reads)

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