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Gauze Comic Interview

Gerrin Tramis and Sean OReilly talk about the upcoming slasher comic

GAUZE Interview

Warning: There is a new slasher on the loose.

Coming later this year from Arcana Comics is GAUZE. We spoke with writer, Gerrin Tramis, and Arcana Studios' publisher, Sean O'Reilly, about the project.

The Big Bad Wolf: Tell us about the comic, GAUZE.

Sean O'Reilly: I met Gerrin at Emerald City Comic Con and we started talking about The Cube and it's director. Gerrin was a film student at the time and we talked about filming a short that would look cool and smart.

GAUZE comicGerrin Tramis: Time passed and I pitched the idea to Sean O'Reilly over at Arcana Studios and he said, "let's do the comic book". That was basically all she wrote. The story revolves around a group of very unique individuals who are all in someway shape or form connected to a mysterious serial killer who wraps his head in medical gauze. That's it in a nutshell.

Sean O'Reilly: We actually did film the original Gauze as a short in Seattle (which was VERY fun), but the world Gerrin created was so much more than a short and we developed this world and then took it to the next level enjoying the medium of a comic book with the GREAT Dave Hamann.

The Big Bad Wolf: Lets talk about the man whose face is wrapped in gauze first... What is his name?

Gerrin Tramis: In the book, no one refers to him with an exact name. Some know who he is, and some don't. I've come to call him "Gauze" but he is never actually given this title in the series. He has an actual human name, but we don't learn about it until later on down the road.

The Big Bad Wolf: Does he speak?

Gerrin Tramis: He can speak, but does he? Not so much. He's much more of a strong silent type. Let's his actions do all the talking. At least for now.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you give us a little more insight on the killer, like what his weapon of choice is?

Gerrin Tramis: He is very versatile, let's just say that. Weapon of choice is whatever he feels is the best thing to mess you up with. Or even someone close to you. Dishes out emotional pain just as much as physical. Doesn't stick to any particular item though. Goes with the flow.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you give us a brief bio of the rest of the main characters?

Gerrin Tramis: Wow, there's quiet a few. Let's see…that one might be better answered by just reading the book. Don't want to give anything away on accident. I'm good at that sometimes.

The Big Bad Wolf: Will we see blood and guts in this comic?Gauze slasher

Gerrin Tramis: "Oh yes, there will be blood". You can't have a good slasher franchise without some blood and gore in there! But truthfully, this series is very much about the characters around Gauze, so there won't be a splatter fest on every page. It will come in doses and hopefully be more effective after you've gotten to know the characters a bit.


Sean O'Reilly: I can honestly say this might be one of the most goriest books we're
doing at Arcana.

The Big Bad Wolf: Is this going to be a mini series or ongoing?

Gerrin Tramis: This will be a mini-series to start out. If things go well I would love to continue the story further out. Some side-plots in there that could use some exploring.

The Big Bad Wolf: What influenced this book? Was it any specific movies or horror characters?

Gerrin Tramis: Man, quite a bit. I've been a big horror fan all my life. Of the new age and the old. But very much take inspiration from the classics. First Nightmare, first Friday. Gauze himself entails a bit a Jason, I think. I'm a big Hellraiser fan. Let's see, love Carpenter's old stuff, Halloween, The Thing. Just the mood and tension of these films were so groundbreaking. The list goes on and on.

The Big Bad Wolf: Where can fans find out more information on this book? Does Gauze have its own website or MySpace page?

Sean O'Reilly: For now we have a short section in the Titles section of Arcana and as we get closer more will definitely LEAK out.

Horror comic gauzeThe Big Bad Wolf: When is the first issue due out?

Sean O'Reilly: We're scheduling this for 2008 and it will probably be fall.

The Big Bad Wolf: What is the cover price?

Sean O'Reilly: $3.95 will be the cover price.

The Big Bad Wolf: In closing, what would you like to say to the fans about this book?

Gerrin Tramis: If you're a big horror fan you'll want to pick this up. If you're not, this might persuade you to join our ranks.

Sean O'Reilly: Dave and Gerrin's work is STUNNING and this is going to be one you really shouldn't miss.

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, Gerrin. Keep us posted on GAUZE. The artist on the book is, Dave Hamann.

Talk about the GAUZE Interview.

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Published on: 2008-01-07 (7577 reads)

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