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THE DEAD Interview

Alan Grant and Ryan Brown talk about their new zombie comic

The Dead Interview

THE DEAD ARE ON THE MOVE! Most of Britain has fallen to an invasion of zombies. There is no escape from their insatiable appetite for living flesh.

We spoke with Alan Grant and Ryan Brown about the book.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you give us a synopsis of The Dead?

The Dead comic

Alan Grant:  The U.K. is under attack from a plague of zombies. Normal society has broken down almost completely as the zombies spread their deadly infection and their numbers grow.

Our story opens in Oxford, where the commander and crew of a fire station remain unaffected but isolated from any other normal groups. Leaving their station during the day to forage for food, the fire crew have to lock themselves in at night.

The Big Bad Wolf: Who are the main characters?

Alan Grant: Watch commander Derek Wall is the hero of the story, aided by firewoman Wendy Scott (with whom Derek is having a secret affair. One of the fireman, Vinsen, and his small gang hate Derek and want to see him dead; to this end, Vinsen tries to do a deal with the brainless zombies.

The fire crew are joined by two soldiers, the Sarge and Private Laine, who will bring their military experience to bear when fighting the Undead.

The Big Bad Wolf: Do we know how the zombie outbreak occurs?

Alan Grant: In the story, at the start, this is not known. Various reasons are suggested - for instance, gases from a passing meteor, Hell is so full the Devil is sending the Dead back to Earth, etc. However, Derek, Wendy and Laine will try to fathom out the real reason for the plague.
The Dead Comic

Readers will be able to figure it out with the characters as the story progresses.

The Big Bad Wolf: Are these zombies the slow, lumbering zombies, or are they runners?

Ryan Brown: Our zombies dont run, the fresh ones are brisk walkers and as they get older they get slower.

Alan Grant: Yeah, when fresh, they can move quite swiftly. But they quickly deteriorate and slow down.

The Big Bad Wolf: Is this an ongoing, or mini series?

Ryan Brown: The Dead will be an ongoing series.

The Big Bad Wolf: When is the release date?

Ryan Brown: People can pre-order from Previews Magazine (JUNE 2008 ISSUE) and will be in stores by AUGUST 08.

The Big Bad Wolf: What's the cover price on this book?

Ryan Brown: The cover price is $3.95.

The Big Bad Wolf: Who's the creative team on the book?

Ryan Brown: Alan Grant (writer), Simon Bisley (interior artist), Glenn Fabry (cover artist) and Vince locke (issue 1 variant cover artist).

The Big Bad Wolf: Where can our readers find out more about The Dead?
The Dead Simon Bisley

Ryan Brown: You can find all updates at and

The Big Bad Wolf: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about The Dead?

Ryan Brown: The Dead will deliver the goods for all you zombie fans, great story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and amazing colour.

It features artwork from some of the best artists in the game. "enjoy"

Alan Grant: It's a blend of traditional zombie horror and present-day cutting edge storytelling, with a dash of humour thrown in as some of the UK's best-known TV stars become infected. It also features some of the best artwork in comics today.

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, guys. Good luck with THE DEAD.

Talk about the THE DEAD Interview.

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Published on: 2008-05-21 (4854 reads)

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