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Beales and Huezo talk BROKEN GIRLS


Broken Girls Interview

The students of Marianne's Crossing are all daughters of powerful and influential people, and that is the only reason that they are not in prison. The institution serves as school, prison, and rehab for girls who refuse to behave by society's rules. When one girl causes a chemical spill, it leaves only a few people unaffected by the horrible transformations. Now only the most violent and clever girls are left to try and make their way from the deepest sub-basement through the blood-thirsty maniac hordes.

We spoke with writers, Rob Beales and Cuitla Huezo about the project.

The Big Bad Wolf: Can you give our readers a synopsis of Broken Girls?

Broken girls comicRob Beales: In a nutshell Broken Girls is badass schoolgirls fighting mutated hordes of blood-crazed lunatics.

[Rob high-fives co-writer Cuitla]

Cuitla Huezo: Aw, hell yeah! The story takes place in a secret boarding school for the troubled, violent kids of influential families. The kind of place where they ship the worst of the worst – a dysfunctional high school, drug rehab, and mental hospital all rolled into one nightmarish facility.

Rob Beales: The thing about this place is that it’s funded by drug corporations. The “students” are just subjects of drug experiments as scientists try to find the next Ritalin or Prozac. Then things get out of control. A chemical spill spreads throughout the facility and causes every student, guard, and faculty member to mutate into complete psychopaths.

Cuitla Huezo: Even though she’s only 17, she drives through life like a tank through rush hour. Jesse may be super hot, but she can totally beat someone’s ass.

The Big Bad Wolf: Who are the main characters?

Rob Beales:
The story revolves around Jesse Harper. She’s the living embodiment of rebellious youth.

Cuitla Huezo: The few remaining survivors have to be even more brutal than the crazies if they want to get out alive.

Rob Beales: So Jesse ends up at the “school” and before her first day is over everything goes to hell around her.

Cuitla Huezo: She meets up with Mia, the foxy nerd, Veronica, the big bitch on campus, and Stephanie…

Rob Beales: Stephanie’s been through more experimentation than anyone, so she’s basically bat-shit crazy. You never know if having her around is better or worse than fighting off the maniacs.

The Big Bad Wolf: Let’s talk about the psychopaths for a moment. Are they turned into mindless killers like a zombie outbreak, or is it something different?

Cuitla Huezo: Definitely mindless killers, but they’re not zombies.

Rob Beales: The chemical spill has shut down their higher brain functions, turning them into feral monsters. They aren’t undead or supernatural, but they’re not human anymore.

Cuitla Huezo: If these things are caught eating someone alive, it’s because they’re nuts, not because they need brains. Unless they THINK they need brains.

Rob Beales: Kind of like how Cuitla THINKS he needs sheep hearts to “get immortality”.

Cuitla Huezo: It’s true. I read it on a website that sells sheep hearts.

The Big Bad Wolf: Will we see plenty of blood and guts in this book?

Rob Beales: And boobs!

Cuitla Huezo: The holy trinity!

[Rob and Cuitla high-five again]Broken Girls comic book

Rob Beales: The first thing you see after it hits the fan is a girl literally being ripped apart.

Cuitla Huezo: Let’s just say the only way this book gets any gorier is if Rob throws a bucket of bloody meat into your lap while you’re reading it.

Rob Beales: That’s my night job.

The Big Bad Wolf: How did you come up with the idea for this book?

Cuitla Huezo: Well a few months back I visited an isolated cabin in the woods where I discovered a demonic book bound in flesh and--

Rob Beales: Just stop. Actually, one of our creative partners, Daniel Levitch, had the idea of “schoolgirls versus zombies”. Cuitla and I ran with the idea. We worked with artist Mike Ebert to develop character concepts that debuted in our preview book at Comic-Con 2007.

Cuitla Huezo: The fans had a great reaction and we moved ahead with production on Broken Girls right away. We looked around for an artist with the right feel and we got in touch with Roy Amado at IMedia Arts.

The Big Bad Wolf: Is this graphic novel going to spin into an ongoing series?

Cuitla Huezo: Well if anyone makes it out alive they might have another story that we can tell.

The Big Bad Wolf: When is the release date? How much is the book?

Cuitla Huezo: The book is in Previews right now, so you can hit up your local comic book shop to order it. Right now.

Rob Beales: Do it RIGHT NOW! Run red lights and ignore your safety!

Cuitla Huezo: The book will hit shelves in September and costs $10.

Rob Beales: That’s two for twenty! Place your order right….NOW!


Broken girlsThe Big Bad Wolf: Who’s the creative team on the book?

Rob Beales: Cuitla and I are your humble writers.

Cuitla Huezo: Hello.

Rob Beales: Roy Amado (and his team at IMedia Arts) handled the interior art. Mike Ebert gave us the cover and a bonus pin-up.

The Big Bad Wolf: Where can our readers find out more about Broken Girls?

Cuitla Huezo: The best thing to do would be to swing by our website ( and follow the links to Broken Girls.

Rob Beales: There’s even a preview of the first few pages all for free.

Cuitla Huezo: That’s right, the first taste is always free…

The Big Bad Wolf: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about Broken Girls?

Rob Beales: This book has literally everything you want.

Cuitla Huezo: Broken Girls is born from the spirit of seedy pulp novels, women’s prison movies, and stories like Battle Royale and 28 Days Later.

Rob Beales: That’s right. These ladies aren’t gossiping about boys and having pillow fights. They’re kicking ass and clawing their way out of hell.

The Big Bad Wolf: Thank you for your time, guys. Good luck with the book and please keep us posted on BROKEN GIRLS.

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Published on: 2008-07-02 (6659 reads)

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