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  • LarryDwyer
    RT @HorrorNews: Watch the #NewYorkComicCon panels live through @HorrorNews! #NYCC #horror #walkingdead #con #comics
    find articles by Larry Dwyer
  • Christine_HNN
    RT @HorrorNews: #TheWalkingDead Daryl Dixon Fabrikations Plush Figure Coming in November Happy Holidays! @wwwbigbald…
    find articles by Christine Caprilozzi
  • Makasupa
    The Internet is flipping out over this photo that purportedly shows the Jersey Devil via @YahooTech
    find articles by Sean McLaughlin
  • UndeadStephanie
    RT @HorrorNews: #TheWalkingDead Weekly Wrap Up from @Christine_HNN is back for season 6 @WalkingDead_AMC
    find articles by Stephanie Shamblin
  • BloodEBastard
    @Jeopardy 5 Categories #MattJackson would not do so well with: MANNERS, FAMOUS SMILES, TACT, GRACIOUSNESS and NAME THE EMOTION #jeopardy
    find articles by Blood E. Bastard
  • CTbrthrhd
    DVD and Blu-ray Releases: May 12, 2015 via @dreadcentral #horror
    find articles by Sean Brickley