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Posted by TheBigBadWolf on July/23/2007


1st app- San Diego Comic Con #2

On 12/23/44 in East Bromwich (England), a ranger group, professor Frost, from Blackfriar University, Trevor Bruttenholm and a first class medium, lady Cynthia Eden-Jones, worked together to frustrate a german project named Ragna-Rok. The Reich was trying to create a weapon to destroy its enemies with the help of a black sorcerer, Rasputin, whose purpose was to destroy life on Earth bringing back the age of the snake. The power they released was rechannelled by lady Cynthia, so that the creature they were summoning appeared in East Bromwich instead of in the Scotish isle where the germans were holding the ceremony. This creature was a kid, which they named Hellboy for his demon appearance. Bruttenholm adopted and raised him and he received the status of human being in 1952. He joined the BPRD the same year.
Hellboy grew very fast, even though he did not age like human beings do. Thus, he has been a young adult most of his life. He had some trouble accepting himself at first, but he soon adjusted and tried to be just a regular guy. He even got himself a girlfriend once, Dr Bransfield, but they eventually finished their relationship as good friends. He also became friends with other agents, specially Liz Sherman, Abe Sapiens and Kate Corrigan.
Not everybody accepted Hellboy as easy as Bruttenholm. Frost was sure that he was a harbinger of destruction and dedicated his life to destroy him with no result. His son would talk to Hellboy when Frost died to tell him about the man's hatred: apparently, his coming had been foretold and he was the holder of the hand of doom, which would destroy the world. In fact, he knows nothing about his seemingly undestructible and unproportionated stone right hand. Hellboy decided not to accept his destiny, but he could not help but worry a bit. Specially, because evil sorcerer Rasputin had also told him something like that. He got a third call on the subject in Lockmackben, Scotland, when count Guarino made a pact with a demon who tried to be what Hellboy was meant to be.
Hellboy was tired of so many secrets, specially because he thought that the Bureau knew more about him that they had told him. He also was a bit angry at how the Bureau treated some of his friends, like poor unstable Liz Sherman. Thus, when they put a bomb into Roger's chest, he decided to quit and go to Africa. Right now, he is not part of the Bureau anymore.

Credit- CCDB


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