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Posted by TheBigBadWolf on July/24/2007 (Last Modified : October/28/2007 )


1st app- Tomb of Dracula #10

Blade's mother was undergoing complications during labor and her friends summoned a doctor to help. The doctor turned out to be Deacon Frost. He bit Blade's mother right before Blade's birth which resulted in Blade being immune to vampire bites. As a result of Frost's attack, Blade's mother died but not before she gave birth to Blade. Blade was raised by his mother's work associates until he was 9 years old. At age 9, Blade helped save the life of vampire hunter Jamal Afari, a musician who took Blade in and raised him as his son. Afari trained Blade as a vampire hunter as well as a trumpet player until Dracula turned Afari. Blade was forced to kill Afari and swore revenge on Dracula.

Blade traveled the world to revenge himself against Dracula and Deacon Frost.

Over time, Blade met up with Quincy Harker and his band of vampire hunters. Blade felt that Harker and his band were soft. Nonetheless, Blade eventually himself allied with Harker. at times as his search for Deacon Frost often was sidetracked by his battles with Dracula.

Blade's search for Deacon Frost led to Blade teaming up with the vampire detective Hannibal King. King was a former detective who was also turned by Frost.

Blade very reluctantly teamed with King, and at times, it seemed as if Blade might try to kill King. However, their partnership grew stronger and they became a cohesive unit, both saving each other a few times.

They finally found Frost and a battle ensued where Frost died in an explosion.

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