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Posted by TheBigBadWolf on July/24/2007


1st app. - Marvel Comics Presents#143

Lilith ordered Girth and his partner Skitter to deliver Morbius and his group of Midnight Sons.

They waited in a warehouse and Girth used his powers to act as a homing beacon for the traitor among the Midnight Sons so that he could lead his group into Lilith's trap.

The Spirtis of Vengeance (Ghost Rider, Blaze, Vengeance) landed in the warehouse when Girth's power accidentally interrupted Strange's teleportation.

They opposed Girth and Skitter, but Girth used his power against them and redirected their attacks so that they attacked each other. Blaze realized what Girth was doing and explained it to Ghost Rider. In response, Ghost Rider threw his chain links in all directions and Girth was killed by some of them.


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