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Nanny and Hank #1


Nanny and Hank Issue 1 Review

Bluewater Productions is starting up a new comic called Nanny and Hank. The comic centers around vampires in a world where they, as usual, are few an far between. With some interesting characters and a very unique take on the environment, what can we expect in this new vampire comic?

What I loved about this comic is the style and overall atmosphere of it. The comic has a very interesting take on things for instance, we see a bar for vampires that serves chained and bound humans as drinks. It's one of those little addition that makes a story seem so unique. We know that vampires go around sucking the blood of humans, but selling them as an item on a menu in a bar, that's just creative. The artistic style of the comic fits it perfectly. We have this nice stylized and sketchy art with colors that seem to always perfectly set the mood. It gives us a very healthy balance of dark and gritty with a sense of purity and happiness depending on the scene without it being so suddenly jarring to the reader. A balance that's hard to find.

As for the vampires themselves, only one really takes center stage in this comic. That said, the vampires in this comic do seem to have one of the best takes on them I've seen. Let's think for a moment of all the different “tellings” of a vampire. Some are portrayed as overly charismatic, some are super strong, some turn into bats, and as of recently some apparently “sparkle” in the sunlight. In this we have vampires that are not just super strong, but they have no regard for human beings at all, they fear the sunlight and turn those that the feed on. I know it may sound like the obvious characteristics of vampires, but I feel that we have gotten a little detached from the mythos of vampires and haven't seen vampires done this well since Steve Niles' “30 Days of Night”. The take on vampires here have this terrifying sense of nonchalant hatred towards humans that seems like, from the vampires point of view, it's their right to do so. It's a little unsettling.

Now with all that said, I'll be honest, not to much happened in this issue. We see an older couple getting ready to go on a trip and their interaction with one of the vampires, but that's really about it. Yes, this issue is meant to be an introduction, it set's the mood of the comic and sets up for something bigger, but it would nice to get a little more substance to the comic. The story is about a couple who is suddenly attacked by a vampire, but the problem here is, this happens at the very end of the comic meaning, we don't get any real sense of urgency until the last few pages. We do get little bits of information like the mentioning of “the council”, presumably a vampire council which means their will be some sort of structure with the vampires (if it is a vampire council). We also have a disgruntle vampire and a few other minor characters, but really that's it. Can't say much for character development as this is just the first issue, but I will say given the context of the story, this characters to feel believable and pretty dynamic. It is just unfortunate that I feel they missed an opportunity to really show the reader what the point of this series is going to be.

Overall, the comic was really good, art was very fitting, the writing seemed spot on and the atmosphere was perfect. Though it does suffer from a small lack of substance and no real obvious direction as to where the comic is going, it is a pretty strong issue. I would recommend this issue.

The quick run down and scores:
Art - 8 out of 10
Very good stylized fun here with colors that cleanly represent the mood from panel to panel.

Story – 7 out of 10
We get some good set up and some good information though I can't help but feel it is lacking a little bit in overall direction and content.

Overall Score – 8 out of 10
Very good start. Definitely would recommend.

Added: July 18th 2010
Reviewer: David Pinckney
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