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Hack/Slash Issue 2


As a someone who wanted to get into Hack/Slash for awhile and didn't know where to start until Image picked up the popular independent title, I can say, the wait was worth it. Issue 1 kicked off with a fantastic insight into the character and issue 2 pushes her character even farther. This issue follows Cassie's as she tracks down another slasher. This slasher though is heard about through what seems to an urban legend.

What this issue does really well is make the reader wonder how each plot point in the issue is going to play out. It really keeps you guessing and is rather suspenseful which is everything a horror comic should be.

The pacing is nothing short of perfect. We get some pretty funny scenes coupled with some suspenseful scenes and some horrifying scenes that all blend seamlessly and make the story telling just right. One thing that we don't see in this issue though is any real character development. This isn't a bad thing, but if you were looking for something surprising out of Cassie then you'll be disappointed. That said, we do get some new characters that play off of Cassie very well which almost makes up for the lack of development.

The art is stays just as consistent as the first issue. The artist and the colorist both understand exactly what makes a scene unsettling. Not to much blood and gore, but just enough creepy and unnatural sights that are unsettling to the reader.

Not a whole lot happens. The story in this one is pretty thin but effective. We hear of a pretty terrifying legend about a father and his daughter, some random acts of violence, and high school high-jinks. All that said, I'd have to say that this is a very good issue. Check it out if you get the chance.

Added: August 22nd 2010
Reviewer: David Pinckney
Hits: 580

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