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Writer: Erik Hendrix
Artist: Daniel Thollin
Publisher: Arcana
Sub-Genre: Ghosts
Synopsis: In a colonial village outside of NYC, Misha and her fiance, Daren, seek an escape from the fast pace of the city. As they settle in, Misha becomes withdrawn, suffering from bad dreams and depression. When Daren brings his friends to the house to "shake out the cobwebs," little does he know he is setting into motion events started hundreds of years ago with the original occupants of the house, the Willam Family. Not only did the ill-fated Willam family die in the house one cold winter, but the house has developed a history of female occupants committing suicide. The friends must solve the mystery of the house before the Willam Family ghosts pick them off one by one.
Our Thoughts: Ghost stories are hit or miss, especially when it comes to horror comics. I think that Hendrix and Tholin did a good job of making a ghost story work within the pages of a comic. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the rights to this one get picked up for a potential movie. If you are a fan of ghost stories you will want to add this one to your collection.

Added: May 27th 2012
Reviewer: Rob Caprilozzi
Hits: 2584

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