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Creepy #10



Writer: Various

Artist: Various

Publisher: Dark Horse

Release Date: October 3, 2012

Sub-Genre: Anthology/Lovecraft

Synopsis: In honor of the greatest horror writer of them all, Uncle Creepy presents an all-Lovecraft special. Were not worthy! Were not worthy! Leading off with the twist-filled conclusion to Doug Moench and Kelley Joness mind-blowing The Lurking Fate That Came to Lovecraft, this issue also includes takes on the master from the teams of John Arcudi/Richard Corben and Matt Weinhold/Darick Robertson, a classic reprint of The Rats in the Walls, and a variety of other Lovecraft-inspired features! For once even Uncle Creepy is scared! 48 pages of Lovecraft!

Our Thoughts: If you in any way like Lovecraft, anthologies, or stunning black-and-white art, make sure to pick up Creepy Comics #10. It doesn't matter if you don't normally read Creepy, this issue is a fantastic stand-alone collection of Lovecraft-inspired features that everyone can pick up and enjoy. In the biggest month of the year for horror, this book will easily stand up to the competition and should be on every horror comic fan's pull list.

Story: There are a variety of stories here and all offer a different vision of the Lovecraft style. One story is the conclusion of a tale begun in previous issues, but is perfectly readable as presented. Expect original stories, graphic representations of letters, an adaptation of "Rats in the Walls", and a couple of fun shorts.  Also, don't miss the interview with Ellen Datlow on "Lovecraft Unbound" at the end of the book.

Art: Creepy always features very cool and stylish art, but this issue is seriously amazing! Think it would be cool to combine Escher-style art and Cthulhu? Look no further, Kelley Jones has done it for you. Fan-favorite Richard Corben is here with his vision of Cthulhu, as well. And this should be easy to spot on the shelf of your favorite comic shop with the brilliant E.M. Gist cover.

Noteworthy: The art is arguably the best black-and-white work we have seen this year.

Not Worthy: While being subtle is often the key to the Lovecraft style, a couple of the pieces don't give the reader quite enough detail. A minor complaint, certainly.

For More Information: Check out the Dark Horse site:


Added: September 24th 2012
Reviewer: Stephanie Gray
Hits: 10076

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