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London Horror Comic #1 & #2

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London Horror Comic Issues #1 and #2London Horror comic
Writer: John-Paul Kamath
Pencils: Lee Ferguson
Inks: Marc Deering
Letters: Matty Ryan
Colors: Hi-Fi Design
Publisher: Independently published
Release Date: Issue #2 - March 25, 2009 (Issue #1 previously released)
Review by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Our thoughts: London Horror Comic is an independently published horror anthology from John-Paul Kamath that’s full of creepy little treats. While most of the stories rely on humor and irony, some are truly unsettling, reminding us that we are indeed reading a horror comic.

Each book contains four horror stories and each story and its presentation are creative and original. Whether the team is poking fun at themselves and focusing on the non-glamorous world of comic writing in “Up, Up and Away” and “Who Knows” or redefining traditional monsters with new vampire stories such as “Brother’s Keeper” and “Cornered”, these stories will keep you wanting more. Issue #2’s “Brother’s Keeper” provides an example of what may happen when a couple of peculiar priests deal with an unexpected vampire in a very unique way and “Superhero” will show you the other side of caped female cat-fighting, er, crime-fighting, rather.

Something particularly interesting about this series is Kamaths’s choice to create so many stories without dialog. “NXT2U”, “Reach Out” and “Homecoming” are three stories that have no dialog whatsoever. In these tales, the ‘quietness’ of removing any dialog really enhances the loneliness of and evil within the characters. It’s a bold move that pays off by providing memorable stories that really stick with you.

While Ferguson and Deering draw and ink all the stories, the team does an excellent job of creating a different look for each story. Textures and level of expression changes in each tale and color schemes go from dark and moody to eye-popping color.

An extra treat is the writer notes at the end of each issue. Kamath let’s us into his world of horror comics creation with a personal anecdote in each issue. These are interesting little tidbits of his life that have morals that we would all do well to remember about dedication and persistence.

London Horror Comic is an impressive and original horror anthology series that provides a fresh look at some monsters that we are all familiar with, such as vampires, and the not-so-obvious monsters that may be standing right next to us or greeting us at the door. Issue #2 will arrive in stores March 25th. Each issue is self-contained so you can enjoy Issue #2 even if you haven’t read Issue #1.

Here’s hoping that Issue #3 is in the not-so-distant future!

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