The Living Corpse #1 Review
The Living Corpse #1 Review

The Living Corpse #1

Written by: Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson
Art by: Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson
Published by: ZenescopeThe Living Corpse review

After a long wait, The Living Corpse #1 recently arrived in comic book shops everywhere. This book did not disappoint as it was filled with solid action and a very good storyline.

The story begins in a rainy cemetery as family and friends are saying goodbye to a recently deceased loved one. From a distance, an onlooker closely monitors what is happening. As family and friends depart, the onlooker steps from the shadows, and it is The Living Corpse.

The Living Corpse knows something about the recently deceased man, that his friends and family don't. A bus killed this man, but it takes more than that to kill the lycanthrope inside of the man. More raindrops fall, and suddenly a huge werewolf bursts through the recently filled grave. This is no ordinary werewolf though, this is a zombie werewolf.

The Living Corpse takes out his shotgun and the battle begins. We are treated to a great battle between The Living Corpse and the werewolf over the next few pages. As The Living Corpse gets tossed against a grave site, the werewolf goes in for the kill. The werewolf chomps half of his foes arms and suddenly, the werewolf stops and stumbles back. A moment later the werewolf lie on the ground, dead. The Living Corpse gets back to his feet and reaches into the werewolf's mouth pulling out the other half of his lost arm, and a silver charm wrapped in wolfs bane. The Living Corpse reattaches his arm as we see the pentagram on the werewolf's hand fade and he turns back to his human form, now dead.

After a nights work well done, The Living Corpse heads back to a mausoleum where he lives. As he enters his home, we see Lilith, a goth girl, complete with piercing's and tattoos. She tells "John" that she has a present for him. That sets The Living Corpse off, as he doesn't want to be reminded of his past. Lilith hands him the present, which is a bag of brains that she took from her job at the mortuary, and she departs.

Outside Asteroth approaches The Living Corpse and tells him that he should no longer associate with Lilith because he is no longer a part of their world. To be the gatekeeper, The Living Corpse must have a foot in both worlds belonging to neither.

We cut to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, DC. A man talks to a committee about a zombie outbreak in a small town of New Jersey twenty five years ago. For one night, the dead came back but the next morning, they were lifeless again. After trying to recreate this for many years, "Project Lazarus" was always unsuccessful. The man claims to have the answer to make this work. One zombie has survived and if they get him, they will be able to figure out how to re-animate the dead. The man reveals he was there, at the small town in New Jersey twenty five years ago. He knows what zombies are capable of and he won't rest until the last one is dead.

The end of issue one is a perfect setup for the next few issues. Not only will The Living Corpse have to deal with the things that go bump in the night, but also the government, as they wish to delve deeper into "Project Lazarus". The back of the book features the cover to issue number two which has to be one of the coolest covers I have seen in quite some time.

If you missed issue one, you missed out on a really cool book. I can't wait for issue two and see all these sub plots play out......... A zombie book with brains!

Talk about the The Living Corpse #1 Review.

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