Halloween: Nightdance #1 Review
Halloween: Nightdance #1 Review

Halloween: Nightdance #1

Writer: Stefan Hutchinson
Artists: Tim Seeley
Publisher: Devil's Due Publishing

Review by: The Big Bad Wolf

Recently released from Devil's Due Publishing is Halloween: Nightdance.Halloween comics

Michael Myers finally makes his return to comic books in a four-issue mini-series written by Stefan Hutchinson. When it comes to slasher books, I can be a bit worried about how the writer handles the main character, but in this case, that was the farthest thing from my mind. Stefan Hutchinson is a veteran of all things Halloween and he captures the dark feel of the Halloween series issue one.

The first issue focuses on a few different groups of people that have been and are currently being affected by Michael Myers. The main player seems to be Lisa, a teen who seems to have had a run in with The Boogeyman before. Lisa struggles with the dark, cold night, knowing that evil is out there. She seems to have grief about letting someone down in the past when it mattered the most. (It seems as if the Boogeyman paid a visit to someone she knew and cared for).

We also see a couple in love go on a road trip to a small town. Their vacation takes a turn for the worst as Michael makes his presence known. From there we see Michael make an impact as only he can.

Artist, Tim Seeley does a great job on the book. He is aware that Halloween is just as much about atmosphere and suspense as it is about Michael. We see some interesting angles drawn, and  some pretty cool death scene’s as well.

Halloween: Nightdance also features alternate covers for each issue. Usually I despise alternate covers, because true collectors are almost forced to track them all down and buy them. I will often pass on the special covers and just grab one issue at random. In this case I had to make an exception, (Damn you, Devil’s Due). Each cover is beautifully done and from the previews, it seems that the upcoming covers look just as good.

Fans of Halloween and the slasher genre alike will enjoy this comic. I look forward to the rest of the series.

Lock your windows, close your doors...The Boogeyman is back!

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