SPOOKS #1 Review


Writer: R.A. Salvatore, Larry Hama, Geno Salvatore & Ryan Schifrin
Artists: Adam Archer
Publisher: Devil's Due Publishing

Review by: The Big Bad Wolf SPOOKS

In a very cool opening scene we see Dracula hosting an event at his castle at Romania. Dracula is speaking to an ambassador about how the peasants believe taking what is rightfully his is bloodsucking. The ambassador is delighted with Dracula’s hospitability and graciousness. Suddenly howls are heard through the woods surrounding the castle.

Dracula excuses himself from his conversation with the ambassador and gathers some of his legions of the night and heads toward the howling. As Dracula arrives with a handful of his legion, we see a pack of werewolves confront Dracula. They tell him that the war has begun and he must join with them or forever be an outcast. Dracula then send word to other head vampires to round up their clan, they leave for America immediately.

We cut to Washington, DC. And see two SPOOKS personnel, Frank and Sgt. Biggs talking about Zach Ramirez. Zach is the best agent they have and he is currently after one “furball”.

Cut to Zach Ramirez and he is hot on the tail of a werewolf. After a fight Zach disposes of the werewolf, but not before getting bitten. We learn that Zach is one of the .001% of the population immune to lycanthropy.

We then cut to the Salem Witch Museum. We see agent Chet and Felicia investigating a missing guard, a druid’s spell book gone and a dead frog with its insides ripped out lying on the missing guard’s clothes.

Felecia, who uses magic and a forensic investigator, uses her powers to examine the frog. She contacts her dad, who is Frank, and tells him it stinks of very powerful dark magic, much stronger than anything she has felt before.

In the Louisiana swamps, we see a hooded woman at the gravesite of General Jack Montague. A leader of the southern army, during the civil war. We cut to 1863 and see the general be bloodthirsty in mowing down his northern state enemies. At that moment a cannonball takes off the generals head and he is teleported to the current time and in front of the hooded woman at the gravesite. She tells him that she needs a general to lead her army and he is just the man to do it.

Off the coast of New Orleans we see the coast guard attempt to board a ship that seems very dark and empty. As they begin to climb aboard, a Frankenstein Monster appears and takes care of the coast guard. The Frankenstein monster, Zergunheim, returns to the inside of the ship and he opens Dracula’s coffin. They arrived in America; Dracula sits up, shows his fangs and says he is starving.

Wow, what a very cool first issue! Vampires, Werewolves, Frankenstein monsters, Headless horsemen, witches and other things that go bump in the night. I look forward to finding out more about the SPOOKS team and their agents, especially Zach Ramirez.

If you like monsters, you will love SPOOKS!

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