Willow Creek #1
Willow Creek #1 Review

Willow Creek #1

Writer: Denny Williams and Christian Beranek
Artists: Josh Medors
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment

Review by: The Big Bad Wolf Willow CReek werewolf

Police officer, Deacon McKay, left the New York Police Department to become the brand new deputy sheriff in the quaint, northern California town, Willow Creek.

We learn that Willow Creek is famous for its Bigfoot legends, which creates tourists trying to locate the monster.

The story begins with an attempted date rape gone wrong. The girl being attacked flees the car for safer ground, but as she escapes her attacker, she runs into something worse than the monster that she was in the car with.

Deacon McKay comes upon terrified hunters who see the woman’s remains spread across the snowy ground below them. The hunters say that they fired at something moving in the woods but it got away.

Later that night, one of the hunters who came upon the dead body, hears some noise outside and decides to investigate. As the hunter steps outside in the cold dark night, he is quickly ripped to shreds.

The police get called and once again Deacon McKay sees a brutal murder and begins to question the Sheriff, Sara, about the town. At that moment Sara notices a member of the Hoopa Indian tribe, Honaw watching them from a distance.

As the two begin to wonder about the man watching them, a call comes in. A man has turned himself in for the murder. Deacon and Sara head back to the station. The man we see sitting in the cell is very familiar (the attempted rapist from the books beginning).

He tells Deacon that he did not commit the muder but he wanted to be locked up so he can feel a sense of safety. He says he saw what killed the girl….

The book ends with a great shot of a werewolf covered in blood, holding the girls head!

In his writing debut, Denny Williams does very well at balancing the “set up story” and action. Christian Beranek and Denny Williams seem to have meshed perfectly in this first issue.

The artist, Josh Medors, sets the eerie tone in this one similar to what Ben Templesmith did for the 30 Days of Night series. If you like blood splattered across the white, snowy ground and vicious werewolves, do yourself a favor and pick this up!

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