Impaler TPB review

Impaler TPB

Writer: William Harms
Artists: Nick Marinkovich, Nick Postic, Francis Tsai, John Paul Leon.
Publisher: Top CowImpaler Dracula
Synopsis: This brilliant reimagining of the vampire myth is collected for the first time and includes the never- seen -before final three parts of the initial storyline. When one of the worst blizzards in modern history descends upon New York City, the blinding snow and wind are the least of the city's problems. For hidden in the weather is a growing army of ravenous vampires, and humanity's only hope lies with Vlad Tepes, the 'historical Dracula.'

Our thoughts: The Impaler TPB has finally arrived in all its bloody glory. Not only do we get the acclaimed mini-series along with bonus materials, but we get a sneak preview of the upcoming series. If you missed this story before, now is a great time to get caught up before the new ongoing series begins. In this story you will not find vampires romanticized, they are the brutal, bloodthirsty creatures that make you scared to see the sun go down. Simply put: A must have for vampire fans!

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