Shadow Chronicles #1

Shadow Chronicles

Creative Team: Robert Heske and Diego Yapura are the writer/artist team on Night Projectionist. Chad Jones and R.B. Silva are the team on Netherworld and Neil Marshall Stevens and Rafael Ortiz are the team on Demon Squad.
Publisher: Studio 407 Studio 407 shadow chronicles
Synopsis: Studio 407 presents Shadow Chronicles, a blood-curdling collection of all-new horror tales! A bloodthirsty vampire plagues 18th Century Europe - and a modern-day movie theater. In the farthest reaches of space, the crew of a research vessel is absconded by the military for a mission to a desolate planet of pure terror. And a small town is beset both by demons and the elite paramilitary squad tasked with destroying them! But which force is scarier? Find out in Shadow Chronicles, Studio 407's first ever anthology book, which affords readers a sneak peak at their most terrifying new comics!

Our thoughts: Studio 407 really delivers the goods in this anthology. All three titles, Night Projectionist, Netherworld, and Demon Squad stand out in their own way.

Demon Squad is a small team of scientists, mercenaries, and mystics that are looking to cleanse demons from the earth. The team aspect was one that was very enjoyable and not often found in other comics featuring demons.

The Night Projectionist is a vampire title that will leave you wanting more. On Halloween eve, a theatre is closing for good, but they are going out in style with an all night Draculathon. The moviegoers find themselves trapped inside when the theater is surrounded by a horde of vampires.

Netherworld tells the story of a planet of aliens being destroyed. The backdrop of this story is that there is an interstellar Cold War between humanity and the same alien species that were destroyed. A team of reluctant human specialists are sent to investigate the planet.

Overall this anthology was a very solid effort. If they can keep up to these standards, Studio 407 will be a force for quite some time.

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