The Living Corpse #6

The Living Corpse #6

Writer & Artist: Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson
Publisher: Zenescope EntertainmentThe Living Corpse comic
Synopsis: It's all out action in the zany Zenescope manner! Frankenstein's monster and his butler ape Jeeves take on a quartet of angry werewolves! The Living Corpse must face down a wolfed out Bride of Frankenstein with the fate of an Eskimo village in the balance! All this, and back home Lilith receives a surprise visit from an ancient evil!

Our thoughts: Without a doubt, one of the coolest covers of 2008 was this tribute to The Bride of Frankenstein movie, which was the cover of The Living Corpse #6.

Once you get past the cover, the inside of the book holds many things that go bump in the night. We get to see werewolves, apes, Frankenstein Monsters, and of course, The Living Corpse.

With each issue, the creative team grows stronger and continues to not only make the book a fun read, but also fun to look at. The Living Corpse #6 has everything that a monster fan could ask for, including an ending that will make you eager for the next issue.

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