Locke & Key: Head Games #1

Locke & Key: Head Games #1 (of 6) Locke and Key Headgames

Writer: Joe Hill
Art: Gabriel Rodriguez
Colors: Jay Fotos
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release date: January 14, 2009
Review by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Our thoughts: Locke & Key: Head Games is Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s follow-up to the hugely popular Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft where we first meet the Locke family and learn of the mysterious Keyhouse. But this is not their tale…

This story, entitled “Intermission”, appears to be just that; an interlude between the first and second act in the tragedy of the Locke family. Appropriately, the story is told through the viewpoint of Professor Joe Ridgeway, the Lovecraft high school literature professor who believes new student Zack Wells may be the ghost of a former student who disappeared 20 years previously. Unfortunately, despite his studies of Hamlet, Ridgeway suffers for his inactions when dealing with ghosts from the past.

But Joe Hill knows more than just Shakespeare; he also knows suspense, and Gabriel Rodriguez’s artwork heightens the experience. Especially as we watch events of both the present the past unfold simultaneously.

Welcome to Lovecraft was a series for fans who appreciate subtlety and like their horror to sneak up on them on a warm sunny day when they’re not expecting it. Compelling and wonderfully arranged, Head Games appears that it will continue that tradition. I will definitely pick up the next issue.

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