Dark Delicacies #1

Dark Delicacies #1 Dark Delicacies comic

Creator: Del Howison
Producer: Steve Niles
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: January 21, 2009
Review by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Our thoughts: Dark Delicacies #1 is a new quarterly horror anthology from IDW, which is based on stories from the prose horror anthologies of the same name. This new series was highly anticipated by those who have read the tales and those who have not. Creepy, fun, but maybe not as tight as would be expected.

The first story is Dan Wickline's adaptation of F. Paul Wilsonís Part of the Game about Detective Sorenson, a crooked detective in Chinatown's gambling underground. Sorenson is a particularly seedy character that knows he needs money to get the woman of his dreams. After trying to use his badge to get a cut of the Chinatown gambling scene, he gets something else entirely. While the tale is certainly enjoyable, it becomes obvious where the story is heading fairly quickly and the art by Douglas Draper seems to slightly outpace the story telling.

In the second story, Joe R. Lansdale's Dog is adapted by Neal Barrett Jr. and is not as overly clear as the first tale. In fact, itís not very clear at all. Of course, this may be the intention. Primarily told through the artwork of Jerry Beck, it will have you asking questions such as: Who is Jim? How did he get stuck like that? And will that really happen if I run over a snake with my mountain bike?

These stories will definitely entice the readers unfamiliar with the original anthologies to seek them out to follow the process involved in transforming prose into a graphic novel. The series has amazing potential and while it feels like it may have some growing pains to work through, I will most likely pick up the next issue.

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