Zombie Tales #10

Zombie Tales #10 Zombie comic

Story: Pierluigi Cothran, Pat Lewis, Kevin Walsh
Art: Milton Sobriero, Pat Lewis, Chee
Cover: Michael DiPascale, Lee Moder, Crew Rausch, Drew Berry
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Release Date: January 28th, 2009
Review by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Our thoughts: Time flies for the undead. Zombie Tales issue #10 is already here. As usual, three independent tales, two different covers, one exciting read. Fans of the series have come to expect clever tales with surprising twists and this issue does not disappoint. It's hard to review these small bits of genius without giving away too much, so the reviews will be very brief:

Ouroboros by Pierluigi Cothran and Milton Sobriero ensure that you will read their story front to back, and then try it a different way as you follow Roger as he waxes philosophical about the living and the undead.

The Great American Whistle-Stop Zombie Flim-Flam of 1912 by Pat Lewis takes us back to a gentler time. As least society was gentler, the zombies seem about the same. You'll meet Wilson Rose and the good townsfolk of Valentine Corners as you follow Wilson's elaborate zombie scheme.

I Sing the Body Putrescent; or, Zommy Dearest by Kevin Walsh and Chee takes us to a time five years after zombies start walking the earth, and of course, the living are looking to profit off of them. But how will this affect the people they interact with? We'll learn from little Ginny after she gets her Zommy nanny.

Fans of the series will be sure to pick up this issue, and if you haven't experienced Zombie Tales yet, there is no time like the present. You don't want another 10 issues to shuffle by. I will definitely pick up the next issue.

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