Cold Blooded Chillers #3

Cold Blooded Chillers: Tales of Suburban Murder and Malice #3Cold Blooded Chillers comic
Writer: Robert M. Heske
Artists: Adam Swiecki, Reno Maniquis, Dick Shearer
Letters: Adam Swiecki, Reno Maniquis, David Paul
Covers: Jay Fife, Mark Chilcott
Publisher: Heske Horror
Release Date: Previously Released.
Review by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Synopsis: SHADOW
A mistreated boy seeks refuge from the secret abuse of his mother's sadistic boyfriend.

Ghosts haunt the night watchman at an aquarium who is unable to forget the horror of his past.

A suicidal woman keeps seeing a familiar sequence of numbers that have a hidden meaning and are a prelude to her future.

Our thoughts: Before he was on everyoneís radar with the Night Projectionist, Robert Heske brought us Cold Blooded Chillers: Tales of Suburban Murder and Malice, a horror anthology that explores the darkness in everyday people and reminds us that we can never really know what another person is thinking. Luckily, we have Heske to show us.

In this issue, we meet three different people, a night watchman that canít live with the guilt that he feels over the loss of a child, a woman that believes death is the best alternative until she begins to notice a pattern, and a man that thinks itís a good idea to torture young boys. There is no one to cheer for in these stories, it is the readerís job to merely watch and observe. The illustration is black and white throughout with each artist having a distinctive style and use of shading, or in some cases solid black, to emphasize the characters different emotions. The tone is dark and sad as was certainly the intention.

Cold Blooded Chillers limits the gore in favor of the grabbing onto your psyche and pulling it down to where you donít want to go, but wonít be able to resist. The commonality and the attraction of these tales is the seemingly ordinary people. If you are looking for a killer in a mask, look elsewhere. These Tales of Suburban Murder and Malice are happening next door.

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