Betsy Mae Bite #1

Betsy Mae Bite #1Betsy Vampire
Writer: Edward Pun
Pencils: Edward Pun
Cover: Edward Pun
Inks: Edward Pun
Publisher: Edward Pun
Release Date: June 2009
Review by: Decapitated Dan Royer (puyaybusto)

Our thoughts: So what do you get when you mix X-Files, Buffy and The Beverly Hillbillies? No idea? You get Betsy Mae Bite. This is a nice original series by Creator/Writer/Illustrator Edward Pun. I was curious what I was in for based on the cover and I was pleasantly surprised when I was done because it left in a good mood and it was a fun ride to the finish.

Artwork: 4 out of 5
The artwork is very manga like on some panels but also nice and cartoonish. It really helps build the fun atmosphere that lies within the pages. I personally think the cover art is fantastic. Just a nice overall good feel nothing gets lost in the shading.

Story: 3.5 out of 5
I am going 3.5 on this because it was over to quickly. The story is nicely written and fun, but I wanted to know more about our Vampy vixen then what was offered. Apparently she loves her cow that's for sure. But from start to finish I was excited to read the next panel and see where the book was taking me.

Dying Breath: 3.8 out of 5
Betsy Mae bite is one of those stories that removes you from the world of gritty vampire books. It has great artwork and a good fun story. While that might not appeal to everyone, it does to me. I like to see a story take a step outside of the box and present things in a new light. I do recommend this book to those looking to do the same, it kinda has that feel of a book by Ape Entertainment. However I didn't want the issue to end so fast. So Mr. Pun don't think you can stop now with only 2 issues out, this reader is demanding more!

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