Hack/Slash - The Series #3

Hack/Slash The Series #3Hack/Slash

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Emily Stone
Colors by: Courtney Via
Published by: Devil's Due Publishing

Review by: Sassygirl

Issue #3 of Hack Slash picks up right where #2 left off. Cassie is in Hell, literally and Vlad is still trying to get laid. The band "Acid Washed" is also still leading legions of teenage fans down into Hades. Tim Seeley's storyline is both creepy and irreverent. The Devil, who apparently, who we see on Elvis' white sequined jumpsuit (does that mean Elvis was the Devil???, but I digress), seems to have special plans for his virgins down there. Cassie being one of them. This is only one deep personally revelation we find out about Cassie.

Besides dealing with the Devil in the form of this human, Cassie has to deal with many freakish creatures around her. One of which leads her closer to the truth about the "Acid Washed" and how she got there.

On a different front, in order to have the strength to face the band and save Cassie, Vlad must lose his virginity. I won't be the spoiler on that one.

The artwork is pretty good in this series. I liked the "hellish" scenes better because they were more atmospheric. However, sarcastic and definitely interesting right to the last page, where you can't wait for the next issue. That gives it a 4 out of 5.

Overall:4 out of 5

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