30 Days of Night: Red Snow
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30 Days of Night: Red Snow #1

Writer: Ben Templesmith
Artist: Ben Templesmith
Publisher: IDW

30 Days of Night: Red Snow takes place in 1941 during the World War. A platoon of Nazi German soldiers are planning to destroy another village. They make haste to the village and lay down the assault. They quickly overtake the villagers and kill everyone including the women and children.
30 Days of Night

Elsewhere, a platoon of Russian and English forces are on the hunt for more of the Nazi regime. They find bodies in the snow shredded with most of the skin eaten and blame it on the Nazi German soldier. The allied platoon decides to split up to look for their enemies. After a short while, they find a handful of Germans and prepare to attack. As each platoon draws closer, they are both pulled under the deep snow drifts.

We cut elsewhere to the other half of the allied platoon. They come across a village and are welcomed inside by a family. The platoon makes themselves at home to the family's food and shelter. As they eat one of their own are picked off by the Nazi forces who are outside and have the house surrounded.

As the allied forces confront the bleak outlook of being surrounded, they see the other half of their platoon come towards the battle zone. Upon further inspection, they are no longer men, but blood thirsty vampires!

Ben Templesmith makes his triumphant return to the book that sky rocketed his career. Not only does Templesmith do the artwork, but he also writes the book as well. The artwork still has the moody, feel that we have al come to expect from Ben Templesmith. With that being said, you can even see improvement in this book from his first run on 30 Days.

Hats off to Ben Templesmith and the crew at IDW for bringing us this spooky tale. Be sure to check out issue number two in September. The snow will be turned blood red.

Overall: 4 1/2 out of 5

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