Gene Simmons House of Horrors #1
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Gene Simmons House of Horrors #1

Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Publisher: IDW

Reviewed by: Sassygirl

KISS star, Gene Simmons, has teamed up with IDW to put out Gene Simmons House of Horrors.Gene_Simmons comic

The comic features short horror stories by various writers and artists. Gene introduces each story in classic Crypt Keeper fashion.

Here are the creative teams and a short synopsis about each story:

“Into the Woods” story by Leah Moore and John Reppion art by Jeff Zornow
This is an interesting tale as a 13 year old brings destruction to her village in the woods.

As a side note, Zornow must be destroyed.

“Crude” story by Tom Waltz art by Esteve Polls
Crude tells the story of a military task force during Desert Storm. Saddam Hussein’s troops have set oil wells on fire and the platoon has to make sure the area is secure. The platoon has no idea of the horror that awaits them.

“Circle Seven” story by Chris Ryall art by Steph Stamb
Scientists have discovered how to enter hell itself. This story follows a man named Dack on his descent through each circle of hell.

“Nymph” story by Sean Taylor art by John Alderink
Man vs. Nature is brought to the next level in this tale.

“The Basement” story by Dwight MacPherson art by Grant Bond
A decent story that features a child, who may not be just imagining a monster in the house. Grant Bond helps this story greatly with fantastic art.

“The Child” prose story by Nick Simmons
Gene’s son, Nick, writes the prose story. The story is actually pretty good. I hope Nick has more chances to showcase his talent in future issues.

The cover price is probably the biggest obstacle that would be keeping some hardcore horror fans from the book. I think the book got off to a decent start, and I look forward to what the next issue has to offer.

Overall I would give this book  a 3 out of 5.

Overall: 3 out of 5


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